Travelogue 2014

Exactly a year ago, I travelled to Central Asia all by myself for around 3 weeks, and indeed it was the bravest travel experience I've had so far. I will never forget how it felt on my first few hours in Kolkata, with a feeling of thrill being at my farthest from home, hopping in a wonky public bus, … Continue reading Travelogue 2014

Street life in Kolkata India

Coming from Southeast Asia, Kolkata is probably one of the cheapest way to enter India. Thanks to Airasia, I only got my promo ticket for around 2,200 pesos ( 45 usd) from Kuala Lumpur. Kolkata is located on the east banks of Indian Subcontinent, and is a state once the center of British Colonialism in East … Continue reading Street life in Kolkata India

India Visa on Arrival for Pinoys (UPDATED Feb. 2015)

Its no secret that a lot of people, including me, factor in "the need for VISA" whenever we choose which country to visit next. Airline tickets to some favourite destinations may be cheap if booked on promo, but still , we think twice , because of the VISA Requirements , which is an added expense and is very … Continue reading India Visa on Arrival for Pinoys (UPDATED Feb. 2015)

Royal Maharaja of Jaipur

The City of Jaipur gave to me probably the best Indian travel experience by far , with its rich history of Mughal kingdoms, Royalties and Maharajas, the well preserved Mughal/Indian Architecture ,  a lot of street food, kebabs, shawarmas , and best affordable accommodations. Here are some preview shots of my Jaipur experience.