Travelogue 2014

Exactly a year ago, I travelled to Central Asia all by myself for around 3 weeks, and indeed it was the bravest travel experience I’ve had so far. I will never forget how it felt on my first few hours in Kolkata, with a feeling of thrill being at my farthest from home, hopping in a wonky public bus, the noise, cows lounging at the middle of the road, the smell of rubbed flowers and spices, and the cool bengal morning wind pinching my face… finally made me say I am in India, the Real India I was told about.

Recalling my previous backpacking to other Asian countries, people and things felt relatively similar to home, but my visit to Central Asia was that one scenario when almost everything really felt …  foreign.  Despite that feeling, I came prepared, and had been fortunate to meet and found comfort from kind locals and fellow backpackers in India and Nepal. Backpacking almost always make you feel uncertain, but the moment you find truthful kindness from people you come across, that’s when things feel positive, and that you can finally say you’ll be OK, and that your day will be awesome! Indeed, the concept of smile and kindness is universal, regardless of culture.

As a tribute to my Backpacking Central Asia 2014, here are my travelogue postcards to share how great things were back there. All shots were taken by me with my basic digicam . Feel free to share. =)


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