Dining with Style at Saging Repablik

Last thursday, a few members of Davao Bloggers’ Society were invited for food and dessert tasting at Saging Repablik , one of Davao’s newest , and possibly the most talked about restaurant these days.  Saging Repablik is located along Tiongko Ave. corner V Mapa St., a few blocks from Bangko Central. It would be impossible not to notice this two storey glass box building, fully lighted at night. The bold lighting , matte black signages and polished concrete finish gave its contemporary industrial look , which reminds me so much of  some restaurants I’ve visited in Singapore.

Saging Repablik opened its doors sometime around late June of this year. Barely three months old, people are still buzzing over this modern style restaurant serving specialty Asian/Filipino dishes , with a twist of Banana.  Saging Repablik is uniquely Davao Born. The restaurant’s concept was derived from Banana ( Saging in Filipino ), which Davao region is also famous for producing.  Aside from serving local dishes,  the restaurant also promotes local banana products such as flavored cavendish chips, as well as locally made chocolate products.

As a curious person, I admit that it wasn’t my first time to dine at Saging Repablik the time our Bloggers group was invited. Ive been to this place three times already for coffee and their Banana-Walnut Torte , which is probably one of the best Torte I had.  It is made up of layers of caramelized Banana, Chocolate, Walnut and Something like Sansrival , perfectly coated with chilled cream. I would say this Dessert alone, already makes Saging Repablik worthy of a visit. =)


Saging Repablik’s Banana-Choco-Walnut Torte . priced at P 150 per slice. Its a big slice at around 7 inches tall, I would say its good for two. (Photo credits to the owner)


Flavored Cavendish Banana Chip , P 75 per serve


Turon Dip with a Twist


Freshly Pomelo Juice P 85 . My Fave

Here are other Appetizers and Main Entries I personally Liked . All dishes, are of big servings, which can be shared. And it comes with Rice =)


Camaron Rebusado Con Banana ( Deep fried Shrimp and Banana Slices ) P 160


Beer Battered Fish and Banana Chips P 185


Humbanana Cue P 195 . comes in two hefty slices of Pata meat per order !


Beef Pochero con Saba P 225 .


Sisag ( Sisig at Saging ) P 165 . Yummy !!!


Pork spare ribs in Banana BBQ Sauce . P 220 , and comes in two hefty slices of Ribs per Serving. Super Heavy .


Here’s a look at the Modern Contemporary Interiors of Saging Repablik . Mezzanine Style Layout , with glassy interiors and walls generally finished in Matte Black, red bricks and polished concrete.


These Rustic Incandescent Drop lamps gave the places its contemporary industrial feel


A view of the main dining from above


Bold Text Cut out is always a fun and interactive  idea for store branding .


And they have Saging Repablik Apparel as well . =)


Some thoughts to ponder on.

My Personal Rating of this place

Price Range : Mid priced. Main Dishes at 160 – 220 , and can practically be shared by a couple.

Main Dish Taste Rate  :  7/10 . Main dishes were good. Personal Pick — Humbanana Cue and Sisag

Dessert and Beverage Taste Rate : 10/10 . Banana Walnut Torte and Large Mocha Caramel Coffee is a pair to die for.

Place :  10/10 (if i rate it solely for Davao Market)  Place is super Stylish, you would wanna take some selfies in it.

Service : 8/10  ( Nice staff. Gatchi , the owner is nice =)

Serves 7AM Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner til 1 AM  =)

Restaurant details:
Saging Repablik
Tionko Ave. Corner V. Mapa Street
Contact number: (082) 285 9648
Email address: sagingrepablik@gmail.com

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