Hongkong Style Dining at D’ Little Dynasty Kitchen

Tucked in a less crowdy corner of Plaza Del  Carmen Compound along Loyola St., DC, you’ll find a quaint restaurant  named ‘Little Dynasty Kitchen’ serving  hearty Chinese-asian fusion dishes. What’s charming about this place is that it reminds me much of dining at modest eateries in hongkong. With around 8 tables for 4, D Little Dynasty Kitchen is appropriate for small crowd, modest, and has an open kitchen where customers can see how their dimsums are prepared ; Typical with Hongkong street restaurants.
Dishes are mainly chinese and dimsum with singaporean fusion as they also serve Laksa and curry noodles.  Prices are just right, at around P 100-150 per person.
Here are some of the dishes I usually Order :


    sweet and sour pork at around P 125/order with rice. Big serving!


pork Cuapao at around P 80/2 pcs


Braised beef at around P 130/order with rice


Meat Dumplings


Char Kway Teow Flat Noodle with mandarin sausage and shrimp at P 125/order
Food – 8.5/10 . Braised beef, Dumplings and Flat noodles are awesome! Its worth a try !
Price – affordable . 100-150/head
Place – 8/10 . Nice interiors with cute bulb drop lights randomly arranged. Place is clean and less crowded . With ample parking spaces.
Staff – 7/10 .


D’ Little dynasty is located at Plaza del Carmen , Loyola Street , Obrero, DC . Serving lunch and dinner daily .


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