My Couchsurfing Family in Brunei Darussalam

A few months ago, I did a short backpacking stint by land for 10 days around Sarawak state in Malaysia  , passing through Kingdom of Brunei , then to Sabah.  Among all three places, I stayed in Brunei the longest , because I fell in love with its calming charm. The Capital City of Brunei is Bandar Seri Bengawan (BSB) where the Sultan’s palace and iconic muslim architecture is located.

Accommodation is a bit pricey in Brunei , the cheapest I’ve found was around 25 $BSB  ( 20 USD / 850 Php )  Though there was a YMCA youth hostel at the center of the city where backpackers usually stay, but it was under renovation the time I visited. It was undeniably a Big help that my couchsurfing friends in Brunei accommodated me for a few nights, that I can keep up with my tight backpacking Budget. is an online society for backpackers. A place to make connections, ask assistance and tips from people living in your eyed travel destination.  It is more of a give and take connection, where you can also extend assistance and make yourself available for backpackers who will be travelling to your own city.

What made my stay in Brunei special is that I was able to spend a few days is that I was able to experience Brunei as a Local , than just a visiting tourist. Thanks to my friends Rohger Balili and Maam Leona.

Shout out to my couchsurfing friends in Brunei, I will forever be grateful. =)

couchsurfing Family . My Host Rohger and Maam Leona.

couchsurfing Friends . My Host Rohger and Maam Leona at Gadong Night Market, BSB














4 thoughts on “My Couchsurfing Family in Brunei Darussalam

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  2. Hello, Jose Manuel! I am new to backpacking, and I was wondering if there is a way for you to contact your Couchsurfing hosts, or ask for a referral as a guest? I would be traveling to Brunei on June 2.
    Thanks so much in advance.


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