Best Meat Overloaded Pizza In Davao : Bu’s Tapas, Bebidas Y Bodega

Bu’s Tapas, Bebidas Y Bodega has been serving drinks along  Pelayo Street (Formerly Legaspi Street ) since 2013 , until recently I came across their  All meat overload Gourmet Pizza, and it blew me off at first bite ! Heavy with toppings of meat , cheddar, Capers , spices and imported sausage , served at 12 ” , good for 3-4  and is priced at P 250 – 300. How good is that?  As such , Bu’s Pizza is worthy of a recommendation; A personal favorite of mine these days =)

Bu's Meat Overloaded Pizza

Bu’s Meat Overloaded Pizza


Bu’s Meat Overloaded Pizza up close

Bu’s is not just any other bar in downtown Davao,  aside from serving imported spanish wines, Bu’s serves great menu of appetizers and meaty dishes for an overall gastronomic satisfaction. As its name goes , Tapas ( A Spanish beef specialty ) Bebidas ( Spanish for Beer and Drinks ) Y Bodega ( A Bodega for Latin Wines, cheese, and Meat ) .

My Personal Rating of this place

Price Range : Mid priced.

Taste : 10/10 for the pizza . Everything else is ok as well.

Place :  7/10 . cozy place fit for wines and small gatherings.

Service : 8/10  Nice staff. No Service Charge =)

Serves Lunch and Dinner til 1 AM  =)

Place details: Walking on Pelayo Street (formerly Legaspi Street), Bu’s is 3 minute walk from Apo View Hotel, Casa Leticia and Gaisano South. Bu’s is in front of UCCP Church and next door to GJ Santos.

Contact Number : (082) 284 6364

Some other entries available at Bu’s are as shown , ( But there is so much more in their menu i am yet to try =)


Bu’s Garlic Chicken with Ranch Dip. also my Fave


Imported cheese Platter to pair with your wine


Bu’s at Night


Nice !


Imported Tapa , among others


A sample of frozen imported sausage cuts available

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