Yolk’s Cafe & Cupcakery : Pastry, Pasta & Other Awesome Things

Yolk’s Cafe along Circumferential Road has been around for more than a year already. Many recent dining places have been sprouting everywhere in Davao, yet Yolk’s is still among my top recommendations when asked of staple comfort food. Good Pizza, pasta, staple filipino dishes in shareable serving, wide choices of frappes. Awesome! Not to mention the super instagrammable interiors. Kudos to the designer, if I may mention.

Price range: Set meals at 150 to 250 Pesos.  Ala carte dining, Say 200 to 250 Pesos/pax on shared orders. Majority of the dishes on the menu are good to share.

Location: Marfori. Near Seekhana, Caitlyns, Taco Loco and Mercury Marfori.

My Personal Faves

Crab Fat Pasta. A Top fave at Yolk’s. Whenever I dine in, I usually advance order this entry and eat it last, because I like my Crab Fat Pasta at room temperature. I find the sauce more flavourful that way.

Seafood Black Pasta. Still with crab fat =)

Buffalo Chicken Wings.

Salmon Skewers

Chicken Casserole. Like Afritada-ish. Simple, yet filling.

Sisig Dumplings

They also serve crispy pata, grilled pork belly, buttered shrimps and several salad sets to share

The Frappes

Mango Cream Cake. They have a lot of cake style, but this is a personal fave.

Yolk’s also serves several sets for breakfast. They open early.

Get in touch with them through facebook. Yolk’s Flower Cafe and Cupcakery

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