So We’re Here in Baguio. San Tayo Kakain?

Lamon! Lamon! Lamon! It’s that part of the laag that I look forward the most. Sino ayaw mabusog?

So last month, our travel group (char!) got invited once again by Azalea Hotels and Residences. This time, we visited the ever charming Baguio City. We did a lot of sight seeing. We visited BenCab Museum. We saw horses with pink hair. Quite a short trip, yet super fun. Baguio is lovely, as always. And the best part? Food trip! =D Here are some of the foodie highlights that we enjoyed during our stay.

FILIPINO COMFORT FOOD. Tradisyon Restaurant is Azalea Hotels and Residences’ in-house restaurant. The restaurant serves well-loved and familiar local and international food. The hotel chef dished up all his best entries during our stay. Here are some of the highlights.


Beef Tripe Kare-kare FTW!


All of Baguio’s freshest vegetables in one platter.


Tradisyon Smoked Pork Belly


Tuyong Espada (Included with the hotel’s breakfast buffet)


Deep fried Native Chicken


Staple Pinoy Pinakbet


Tradisyon Lengua


Bulasing . Chef’s own fusion of Pinoy bulalo and sinigang. Quite a unique blend of taste.

Tradisyon Restaurant is located at the Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio, Leonard Wood Loop, Brgy. M. Roxas. Price range 150 to 400 Pesos. servings to share.


TRADITIONAL AND AUTHENTIC. A visit to Baguio is an opportunity to experience authentic Cordilleran food. The Farmer’s Daughter is one of the noted restaurants in Baguio that serve pure Cordilleran dishes. Most of the dishes here are of Ibaloi cuisine.


Pinikpikan. Soup-based chicken dish. Traditionally prepared wherein a live chicken is beaten to death with a stick. 


Pinuneg. an Ibaloi version blood sausage.  with a dip of chili alamang with soy and squeeze of calamansi.


Kinuday. traditional – smoked pork meat.


Lots of fresh and sauted vegetables to fill up the table.

Experiencing native dishes is a way of appreciating and giving respect to the Ibaloi tradition. 

Dishes are good for sharing and ranges from Php100 to Php200. The Farmer’s Daughter is located in Awan, Baguio City, just beside the Tam-Awan Village.


A TASTE OF THE EXOTIC. Bar-B-que baby chicken. I didn’t eat this. Lol. But my friends enjoyed their piece. This street food is everywhere in Baguio. As such, sali ko nalang din sa list. Baka bet nyo to look forward. hehe IMG20170918145605_Fotor


STRAWBERRY HEAVEN. Baguio and it’s region is blessed with year-long cool weather; thus, the abundance of different kinds of berries.  Probably the most popular is their luscious and bright red strawberries that they generously put on almost all kind of pastries and desserts I can imagine. Here are some.


Strawberry Taho is virtually everywhere in Baguio


Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry topping. Tradisyon Restaurant


Tres Leches. Super milky and creamy cake bites. Tradisyon Restaurant’s best seller. Also with strawberry topping.


Choco-Banana Cupcake. by Tradisyon Restaurant


Dark Chocolate dipped Strawberry Kisses. Chocolates are also locally sourced. This set shown is a gift from Azalea. Similar gift sets are available on many places in Baguio.


More Strawberries to keep you drooling.

Alright, enough about food. Move on tayo. Here is me strutting my best pose in front of Azalea Hotels and Residences, where we stayed for two nights.  Azalea Residences is Baguio’s first and only 4-star serviced apartment hotel. (


All shots included in this post were taken using OPPO Mobile Phone, The Selfie Expert.  No filter. All Natural light. ‘Til then. =)

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