Hearty Dessert and Pastries by Margie’s Bakeshop and Cafe

Oatmeal thins, cappuccino brownies, Cookie Monster cake; These are among the specialties that made Margie’s Bakeshop, the popular pasalubong item from Butuan City.

Having been recognized as the among the best home-grown bakeshops in Butuan, Margie’s progressively expanded these recent years to other key cities in Mindanao like Surigao, Cagayan de Oro and Davao City. From a humble bakeshop selling home made products, Margie’s has now evolved into a Dine in cafe serving warm, flavourful snack and meals. To date, the bakeshop operates three dine in cafe’s here in Davao, apart from their distribution outlet in various areas.

Here are some of Margie’s best selling pastries, all in one Photo =)


Oatmeal Thins, Brownie brittles, and Sansrival are among the personal favourite =)

Margie's Choco Mousse Cup with a mild minty flavour.  Photo Credits to Margie's Facebook Page.

Margie’s Choco Mousse Cup with a mild minty flavour. Photo Credits to Margie’s Facebook Page.


Kani Salad Sandwich, among the best selling snack items from Margie’s Cafe


One of the shop owners, Ms. Tan, is quite a hands-on boss.

Margie’s Bakeshop Dine In Branches in Davao

F. Torres Branch
Fairlanes Compound, F. Torres St.,
Davao City
Phone: (082) 304 5775

Ecoland Branch
Tulip Dr, Talomo District, Davao City
Buhangin Branch
Fronting Ladislawa Village Entrance
Buhangin Davao City
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Margies-Bakeshop/62774312837?sk=info&tab=page_info

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