Café Asia Dimsum Cravings, Satisfied!

Today has been a long-working day for me here in Davao and all I have in mind right now is to fill myself up with a hearty (and heavy) Chinese dinner. It’s a good thing that Cafe Asia Dimsum House is not so far away from where I am staying, which by the way is among my favourite dimsum restaurant in the city.

Cravings can be contagious. And just to perk up your appetite, here are some of the dimsum house’s entries which I personally enjoy =)


A platter of Thai Spring Rolls, Sesame Beef, Prawn Patties and Chicken Pandan. You can never go wrong with this set.


The Staple Dimsum Sets; Priced just right from 58 to 80 pesos per order.


Crabmeat Fooyong Patties


Spicy Shrimp is almost always present whenever we dine at Cafe Asia


The Staple Chinese Patatim


Pork in Chinese Tausi Sauce and the spicy breaded fish fillet


Crispy Minced Fish with cashew


Crispy Tikoy. A house specialty all year round. ( You do not have to wait for the moon cake festival to enjoy this)

See more of the restaurant menu on  —- ” Cafe-Asia-Dimsum-House “
Restaurant Address:
Metrolifestyle Complex, F. Torres St.
Davao City

Contact Number:

(082) 300 5245

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