Cinnamon Rolls And Delightful Meals by Annipie

Started from a humble bakeshop along Malvar Street during the 90’s, Annipie today has become the best known Cinnamon destination in Davao. Annipie’s specialty, the signature Cinnamon Rolls, is undoubtedly one of Davao’s finest, and have become a staple snack for lovers of sweets. Though locally produced, Annipie’s soft bread and refined flavour can indeed rival the famous cinnamon rolls in Metro Manila.

DFAT 2015 made a quick stop at Annipie to sample their fine offerings. Here are some of the best.


The Famous Cinnamon Roll with cream cheese topping. A Personal Favourite


Caramel and Toffee topped Rolls are also worth a try


Other Toppings include chocolate chips and caramel-walnut


Cinnamon Rolls are best paired with Annipie Signature Coffee fixes . Photo Credit to Annipie Facebook Page / Stock Photos

Apart from the Signature Cinnamon Rolls and pastries, Annipie also serves hearty and filling meals for lunch and dinner. Tasty and served in  big portions, theses meals are also worth a recommendation.

Pollo el Olivio ( Chicken in Olive and White Sauce ) is a personal favourite with its right blend of cream and spices with an added kick of Olive flavour. I honestly keep coming back for this. Definitely worth a try!


The Pollo el Olivio ( Chicken in Olive and White Sauce ) is a personal favourite with its rightful blend of cream and spices and an added kick of Olive flavour.


Taco Pizzadilla is also one of my fave comfort food at Annipie


Three Cheese Pizzadilla is also a winner


Oriental Cream Dory is a good alternative for heavy pork and beef sets


Food Blogger on Duty, featuring Doi of and Sinjin of

Annipie Cinnamon Rolls, Cakes and Pastries

  • Malvar Street, Davao City
    Contact No: (082) 295-3022
  • Ecoland, Davao City
    Contact No: (082) 295-3799
  • Mobile: 09228050500 | 09228608672

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