Florenda Beach Resort : Samal’s Affordable Semi Exclusive

I just came from a well spent – chillax Saturday outing with my Arki group at Florenda Beach Resort, in Samal Island. It was my first time to see Florenda. In fact, I’ve never heard of it until today, and haven’t came across this as well on most Samal Island resort listings. Surprisingly charming yet affordable , I thought of putting it up here for others to see this resort as one good option, among Samal Island’s beaches.

Saltwater pool at Florenda

Florenda Beach front

Florenda Beach front

Florenda Resort is a Small scale semi – exclusive venue with just around 10-12 overnight cottages. The resort has opened its doors 4 years ago with just a few cottages and a good beach that does not go super low tide.  Today, the resort  now has an ample sized saltwater pool, fully developed beachfront , duplex type  and Dorm type facility. The resort boasts clear shores perfect for snorkelling. Be sure to use proper swimming footwear for protection.


Florenda Beach Resort is located in Catagman ,Samal Island , sharing the same beach strip with Punta del Sol. For navigation, it is easier to find if you google map Punta del Sol. Florenda is just around 200 meters away.

Day Tour 100 pesos

Overnight Facility rates:

Good for 4 with ACU  1,700  – 2,000 ( spacious duplex type )

Duplex type unit, good for 4

Duplex units. each unit is good for 4 pax at 1,800

Good for 6 with ACU 1,800 – 2,000  (Small cottage Type )

Good for 2 with ACU 1,000 (Small cottage type )

Dorm Type Villa good for 24 pax  with ACU  6,000

Dorm Type Villa , good for 24 pax at 6,000 .

My Personal Rating of this place

Price Range : Affordable Resort

Taste  :  You have to pre-order your meals, or better yet, bring your own food. Corkage only applies on drinks.  Cold Beer and drinks are available at the resort at affordable prices. a Bottle of San Mig Light only costs 30 pesos.

Place :  6.5/10    ( Clean, Well maintained. Just a simple resort. Don’t expect anything high end)

Beach : 8.5/10  ( tucked in the quiet side of Catagman, Samal. Fit for snorkeling . Expect live corals, so be sure to wear proper foot gear )

Service : 7/10  ( Nice staff . They let you use the kitchen )

The resort does not have an office here in Davao at the moment.

For reservations, you may contact the resort manager , HENRY at 0929 180 3175.


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