Somewhere in Davao: Sana’s Kabawan Tapa and Bulalo

Ask me where to enjoy a very filling and affordable Bulalo in Davao… Sana’s Kabawan will always come first in my mind. Sure jud ko!

Tucked in the modest side of downtown Davao, Sana’s Carinderia has been serving locals for around three decades already. Though it may not be the most popular food destination today, foodies must have found something special on this humble eatery, that kept the business going for many years. One of Sana’s loyal diner is our current president PDDR. Saya, diba? Sana's Carinderia 002_1

Me with Ian Ray Garcia and Sana Valles at Sana’s.

Specialties :

Sana’s Special Bulalo ( stewed beef shanks and marrow in bone). Without any dapig dapig, this dish is one of the best tasting meat soup I know here in Davao.  Meat is of good quality , tender and cooked just right; and that fatty marrow we love is perfectly tucked in.  A big bowl of this is fairly priced at P 165.00 , good for 2.

Kalabaw (Ox) Meat Tapa . Shredded and very tasteful . A serving of this costs 80.00 per platito.  You can also order frozen packs of this for take away.

Ox Meat Tapa

Ox Meat Tapa

Stewed Ox Brain for the adventurous ! around 100.00 per serving.

Ox Brain Stew

Ox Brain Stew

Other Dishes that are also worthy to try : Kalabaw Hinalang. Chicken Adobo. Paksiw Tuna.  Sana’s generally serve Filipino dishes.


Price Range : Affordable and worth every peso.  Dishes are priced at P 40 to P 100 per serve. Bulalo soup is at P 165, good for sharing.

Taste  :  10/10  . The Shedded Tapa is something I can eat everyday ! Really Tasty. And their bulalo is one of the best tasting there is in Davao.

Place :  Just an ordinary eatery. Don’t expect anything fancy. It’s a Carinderia anyways. Cleanliness,however, has always been observed. Utensils are sterilised.

Best time to go: The place is usually packed during lunch break. As tourists, breakfast or early lunch is a good idea.

Service : 10/10  ( Nice staff. Owner came to have a short chat. )

Opens at 7 AM  until late lunch. Mondays to Saturdays, except holidays.=)

Location :

Sana's Kabawan along J. Luna Street , corner Quezon Blvd. Near Luz Kinilaw. Piapi Area. just ask the locals of you cant find it.

Sana’s Kabawan along J. Luna Street , corner Quezon Blvd. Near Luz Kinilaw. Piapi Area. just ask the locals for help.

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