Somewhere in Davao : Sana’s Kabawan Tapa and Bulalo

Ever since, I have always been a lover and an explorer of food; All sorts of Food . From heavy meat dishes, to sweet pastries… especially the cheap finds, but are really good nonetheless =)
I have always been enthusiastic to find those restaurants and eateries around town, and then tell everybody how I feel about it. As such, I am starting this thread focusing on Local Restaurants and Eateries around Davao (…or whichever city in the Ph I find myself in), that I find worthy to try . This thread is limited on affordable eateries to mid priced restaurant, worthy of a recommendation.

For A Start, let me take you to eateries around downtown Davao that I find interesting. First Stop,Sana’s Kabawan at  J. Luna Street , near Piapi Area.

Sana's Carinderia 002_1

Sana’s Kabawan has been around since the 90’s .  Though it may not be a household name for every Davaoenos, but food lovers must have found something special with this humble eatery in Piapi Area, that kept the business going til this day.

Specialties :

Sana’s Beef Bulalo is one of the best tasting beef soup I had here in Davao.  Meat is of good quality , tender and cooked just right; And that fatty marrow we love is perfectly tucked in.  A big bowl of this is fairly priced at P 125.00 , good for 2.

Beef Bulalo

Beef Bulalo ( P 125 per order/ Big bowl. Good for 2 )

Kalabaw (Ox ) Meat Tapa . Shredded , and is very tasteful . A serving of this costs 75.00 per platito.  You can also order frozen packs of this for take away.

Ox Meat Tapa

Ox Meat Tapa

Stewed Ox Brain , for the adventurous ! around 75.00 to 100.00 per serving.

Ox Brain Stew

Ox Brain Stew

Other Dishes that are also worthy to try : Kalabaw Hinalang. Chicken Adobo. Paksiw Tuna.  Sana’s generally serve local dishes.

My Personal Rating of this place

Price Range : Mid . Worth the money because they serve quality meat.

Taste  :  8/10   ( The Shedded Tapa is something I can eat everyday ! Really Tasty )

Place :  5/10    ( Just an ordinary place. don’t expect anything fancy )

Service : 9/10  ( Nice staff. Owner came to have a short chat , which is also nice )

Opens at 7 AM . Til early evening. =)

Location :

Sana's Kabawan along J. Luna Street , corner Quezon Blvd. Near Luz Kinilaw. Piapi Area. just ask the locals of you cant find it.

Sana’s Kabawan along J. Luna Street , corner Quezon Blvd. Near Luz Kinilaw. Piapi Area. just ask the locals for help.



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