Travelling to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I was able to book Tigerair ticket for only P 1,500 pesos to Ho Chi Minh from SG ; A good promo deal! I spent 3 days around HMC with no set itinerary ; just walked around the City and checked some particular landmarks , the Market and indulged myself on local food choices . Pure Chillax lang !

Flying to HMC was around 1.5 hours travel from SG . Arrived there just before 9 am. Airport was OK. not much annoying taxi and tuktuk drivers like in other cities I’ve visited.


HMC airport was quite far from the city center, and trains are not yet available. The cheapest way to the city center is by Bus 152 , which is just outside the international airport, at the far right end of the building . Non aircon bus is only 5000 dong . (around $0.25 / 11 pesos ) Its almost an hour travel with a lot of turn arounds, but as soon as i found Ben Thanh Market, I knew I was at the city center already. I hop off at the stop opposite the market and used my google map to navigate my way to Bui Vien St.

SAM_0593 SAM_0566

Vietnam, as described by many, is a country of motorcycles . Even old ladies dressed with tight skirts dong bother riding the bike.


I stayed at the Cosman Rucksack Inn, along Bui Vien St. , around 15 mins. walk from Ben Thanh Market . (Google Mapping is adviced) 5 usd for a bed/night , Dorm type accommodation. Its clean and cheap, even better than the 15 usd inn I had in SG .

SAM_0576 SAM_0694

It is quite easy to roam around and get a hold of Ho Chi Minh vibe because almost all of the usually visited spots are at the city center . Getting an accommodation at Bui Vien St. / Pham Ngu Lao area is recommended.

HMC People's Committee Hall Notre Dame Cathedral street scene

Built before the WW2, when Vietnam was still under French rule

Built before the WW2, when Vietnam was still under French rule

inside HMC post office

HMC People's Committee Hall

HMC People’s Committee Hall

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