January Visit to Hongkong

For full time employees like me, Holidays + long  weekends are much awaited!  Me and my friends were able to book our promo tickets for a Friday  to Sunday visit to Hongkong.  It was our first to see the city so our itineraries were basically touristy.

It was January temperature was around 18 ‘C during day time and drops to around 10’C in the evening . It was the perfect time to pull those baggy Terranovas out of the closet and onto the pictures =)

I fell in love with the city lights , the rush and the Hongkong- style street food ! My 3 days visit was surely not enough and I am definitely going back to experience more of this city’s off beaten corners.

2012-02-08 10.24.34

At HK Airport . Theres a train within the complex to transfer passengers from the main terminal to the gates.

2012-02-08 12.42.34

Our first bowl of Hongkong Style Noodle. Yummy ! for only 10 HKD (around 60 pesos)

2012-02-08 14.11.49

My first view of Bank of China Tower by Architect IM Pei . This tower is famous to architecture students since it was the first skyscraper in Asia  at 315.0 m (1,033.5 ft) . Built during the late 80’s.

2012-02-08 14.56.15

View of Hongkong from the Peak Tram. My visit was during winter , so the city is quite gloomy.

2012-02-08 18.54.22

The busy Nathan Road – among HK’s shopping districts.

2012-02-08 17.19.00

Near Langham Place. Another shopping district in HK

2012-02-09 21.57.01

Afforable meals are on every corner !

2012-02-08 17.08.07

Fried Dumplings at around 5 HKD (30 pesos) but definitely delicious and filling

2012-02-11 10.53.06

Langka , Tropical Fruit is very pricey in HK

2012-02-11 10.52.40

Pricey native mango

2012-02-11 10.52.29

Giant Balimbing Fruit for 25 pesos per piece

2012-02-11 17.30.42

Jollibee in Hongkong


HK style Shabu shabu


disneyland daytour


disneyland daytour


Traditional disneyland parade


Songs and Fireworks display at the Castle during the closing hour.


Hell ride at HK Ocean Park !


Roller Coaster at Ocean Park


Chino-vela selfie on a Street in HK.

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