Ho Chi Minh City for a Day

1. Vietnamese Pho for breakfast

I started my start my day in Vietnam with a bowl of Vietnamese Pho at Bun Bo Hue Restaurant, which was just beside the Backpackers’ place I Stayed in. They serve the best Pho in Bui Vien St., as per the blogs I read . 50,000 dong for a bowl. ( around $ 2.5 usd, 100 pesos ) I ate twice at this restaurant , was really good.

Vietnamese Pho

Vietnamese Pho Me Huang

2.   Down the memory Lane on foot – Vietnam War Museum , Notre Dame Cathedral , HMC Post Office , Opera House , Peoples’ Committee Hall

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral


HMC Post office.; Built before the WW2, when Vietnam was still under French rule

HMC Post office.; Built before the WW2, when Vietnam was still under French rule

inside HMC post office

inside HMC post office

HMC People's Committee Hall

HMC People’s Committee Hall

3. Vietnamese lunch Buffet

Read Blogs and found this awesome lunch buffet for just 8 USD ! Its on the 5th floor of Park inn Mall , very near the Peoples Committee Hall . Just ask the guard , you wont miss it.

SAM_0688 SAM_0676 SAM_0685 SAM_0683 SAM_0682 SAM_0681 SAM_0680 SAM_0678

4. Walk the streets

Ban Thanh Market may be the most noted place to buy souvenirs, but items here are quite pricey. I recommend shopping at Saigon Square which is just 3 blocks from Ben Thanh. around 10 mins walk .  Small shops along the way are nice to check as well.

Ben Thanh Market .

Ben Thanh Market .

SAM_0595 SAM_0597 SAM_0644 SAM_0668 SAM_0692

5. Highlands Coffee . Just to try, I showed them my highlands Philippines customer card hoping to get some perks. They said they cannot honor the card, but still , they were very kind to give me a promo coupon..  Got a Free drink !!!


6. Saigon Beer to cap the night


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