Random Shots:Queenstown,New Zealand

Queenstown, the scenic South Island holiday spot, is probably the most popular destination in New Zealand among international visitors. Queenstown was once a gold mining town. But today, the city is a favoured destination for high-octane outdoor activities and mountain climbing. Although the place is hyped by its outdoor-ish image, Queenstown will still be fully enjoyed by vacationers who prefer laid back strolls and a lazy trip of sightseeing and dining experience. Count us in on that! Here are some of the snapshots and must sees for the lazy vacationers like me.

collagenzaustralia6Queenstown sits on the shores of the South Island’s Lake Wakatipu, set against the dramatic Southern Alps. Imagine the view, guys! With such background, uhmm… perfect jud mag model model. loljoke. Pose anywhere you like because every corner of this town is seriously photogenic and is entrance free!


Queenstown is also a heaven for foodies. Must try is the ever famous Fergburger. Giant Angus Beef Patty in a seriously hefty set of bun with everything in it. This burger has become a NZ culture in itself. A Staple must try in Queenstown, that lines can already be seen even at an early 8 A.M. And since Queenstown is a holiday spot that never run out of tourists, fergburger closes at 5 A.M. For the employees, rest is only for the weak. lol. Fergburger is priced at 18 Dollars (700 Pesos) but it could seriously feed 2 hungry pax or 4 Annilou’s (A friend with small appetite).  Typical complete meal in NZ by the way is between 10 to 18 Dollars for a sandwich/burger and 15 to 22 Dollars for a rice or Middle Eastern meal. Coffee is usually at 6 Dollars up.

Puhoi Chocolate drink is also a must try! just around 4 Dollars (P 160) a bottle.  Don’t be bothered by the cold, Patagonia Ice cream is also a must try.

The highlight of this trip really is my first Snow experience. Lol! As a boy from the sun-burnt city of General Santos, getting up close and personal with snow is a seriously big deal! So yeah, me and Richmon went up the Coronet Peak where the Remarkables Ski field is located. The highest point of the peak is at 1,649-metre.

The 45 -mins. bus ride from Queenstown costs 20 Dollars (800 Pesos) RT. There is a specific bus solely serving this route every hour during the day. Just ask around sa mall where to fine the Remarkables office. QT town centre is pretty small, you definitely won’t miss a thing.

Photos by Richmon. Entirely shot using #Oppo. collagenzaustralia3

  • Entrance to the ski field is free of charge.
  • Ski experience starts at 130 Dollars(5,500 Pesos) with gears and coaching.
  •  Lockers are available for 10 Dollars (400 Pesos).
  • Drinking water is free,as to everywhere in New Zealand. Tap water is very safe to drink,by the way.
  • Wearing sunblock is a must due to direct exposure to the sun (even if it’s cold up there).
  • Don’t forget to bring a Shaded  Eyewear as the entire peak is almost entirely covered with white and it is seriously glaring.
  • Dress appropriately. Layer is a must. Plus a non-slip closed footwear. Snow covered ground is slippery.
  • A Legit food hall is available. usual prices are at 12 to 16 Dollars( 500 to 700 Pesos) per meal.
  • Bring Milk, ube and others to enjoy your own halo-halo up there. Loljk. Do not eat the snow.
  • Start a snowball fight if you like.

Queenstown is served by its own International Airport. However, we opted to land in Christchurch and drove our way to QT via Lake Tekapo. That’s 7-8 hours of scenic ride. Our road trip was hosted by Richmon’s brother, Eric, who is based in Christchurch.

Lol! Full blog of this to follow! Watch out. =)

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