Random Snapshots:Lake Tekapo,New Zealand

Without any reservations, Lake Tekapo is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited on earth. We only stayed here for a few hours during our way to Queenstown, but the place left me in wonderment. Truly an unforgettable sight to treasure.

Picturesque by day and dazzling by night, Lake Tekapo is part of a UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve, making it the perfect spot for stargazing.  queenstownjosemanuel15On the shores on the lake you’ll see the beautiful Church of the Good Shepherd, where the altar window frames a perfect view of the Southern Alps beyond the lake (newzealand.com)queenstownjosemanuel16Lake Tekapo is about three hours drive south-west of Christchurch in the Mackenzie Basin. The township faces north across the remarkable turquoise coloured lake to the mountainous drama of the Southern Alps. Lake Tekapo gets its intense milky-turquoise colour from the fine rock-flour (ground by glaciers) which is suspended in the water.queenstownjosemanuel59Best seen between April and September, Lake Tekapo is known for it’s clear nights and lack of light pollution, making it a great viewing destination. queenstownjosemanuel13Wasn’t able to experience Tekapo star gazing though. More reason for me to revisit the place someday. An overnight stay would have been ideal. queenstownjosemanuel18Passing through Lake Tekapo, it took four more hours to reach Queenstown. There are bus tours that covers these place from Christchurch, but the best option for tourist really is to rent a car and drive at your own pace and stops. Our road trip was hosted by my Richmon’s brother, Eric.

Video Blog of the whole roadtrip shall be uploaded very soon.


Here’s a preview of Queenstown. Lakas maka artista ng place. Chos!



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