Must See’s in Barcelona(And some Must Eat’s)

From an architecture junkie’s point of view, Barcelona is an urban sprawl of breathtaking architecture. With a peculiar modernist style known as  the”Catalan Art Noveau”, experiencing the streetscape of Barcelona can never be compared to all other European cities I’ve visited.

Art Noveau is an architectural style during the early 20th century characterized by intricate linear designs and flowing curves depicting nature’s form. Samples of this artsy architecture can be found around Europe. However, the most preserved samples stand tall and proud ’til today along the well paved streets of Barcelona.


Every block of this city is Instagram worthy.

Here are some of the snap shots I took during my 2 days stay in Barcelona. Feel free to follow my easy must see’s and must do’s. =)

 — Enjoy a leisurely walk around Playa Catalunya, which is the center of Downtown Barcelona, where bus rides from the airport terminates. Passeig de Gracia (A Main Street originating from Playa Catalunya) holds a number of buildings designed by the famous Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi.


One of Antoni Gaudi’s iconic creations, the Casa Batlo, can easily be spotted along Passeig de Gracia. This structure is a stand out with its “deep sea” feels and bone-like columns and balusters. The Facade is cladded with random mosaic of broken tiles.


Another amazing creation of Gaudi, the Casa Mila Apartment, completed 1912, and is still a functioning building ’til today.


A close up view of the intricately weaved iron railings as designed by Gaudi


The main door of Casa Mila


A Typical facade you’ll see around Barcelona


The center of Barcelona is composed mainly of low rise blocks. I haven’t seen any high rise building anywhere near Playa Catalunya.


A clever facade style to avoid the direct afternoon sun.


An interesting modernist facade. The grilles cleverly hides the Air conditioning unit condensers.


— Visit the Sagrada Familia late in the afternoon. Several blocks further (yet still walkable) from Passeig de Gracia is the famous Basilica de Sagrada Familia. Entrance fee to this Unesco protected site is 15 Euros, including the Museum (non-agency purchase). Lines for the ticket can be long, but as read from other blogs, I lined up at around high noon, about 12, when tourists are likely to have lunch. True enough I only waited for around 15 minutes. Entry to the basilica is regulated to every 15 minutes. I took the 4pm slot, as advised, to get the full experience as the sun sets on the west, pouring much light to stained glass windows. late afternoon visit is also ideal to be able to catch the daily mass at 6 pm at the crypt.


The Facade and interior details of the Basilica ( Refer to my previous post on this)

— Walk around the Passeig La Rambla, and towards the pier. This area is the liveliest from day to night. Affordable buffet style restaurants can be found when walking towards the pier.



The Barcelona Cathedral is also worth a visit.

Range over Mercat de Santa Caterina. This public market is stone throws away from Barcelona Cathedral.




Sampling variety of Tapas at the Market


Dining on a budget is easy in Barcelona. Here are some of the cheap finds around Playa Catalunya and La Rambla.


A proof that Barcelona isn’t over priced. These pastries here  are only half the cost as compared to Paris or Florence.


Cheap family sized pizza at 1.99 Euros. They’re not gourmet though, but good enough for quick cheap snacks

— Indulge in Spanish cuisines, buffet style. Buffets are a common thing in Barcelona, and are fairly affordable at around 9 to 12 Euros, usually including unlimited beer.  I had buffet style lunch for two straight days. haha. Lunch buffet start late at around 1pm. Maybe it is of a cultural thing since Spanish people often enjoy afternoon siestas. Some stores even close around lunch time.

— Sample Some Tapas and beer for some Spanish Style pre-meal. Beer and Tapa set is usually a late afternoon thing in Barcelona. Not pricey really if you are keen on finding one. I had a plate of tapa and two bottles of beer for only 7 Euros at a Bar near Sagrada Familia.


The usual morning thing, Tapa Sandwiches on the go. Its good and it is cheap.


Cheap tapa sandwiches are usually available for breakfast on the go. 1 Euro Sandwiches are 8 – 10 inches long.

I only had two days stay in Barcelona and I must admit that I was  not able to fully explore the amazing city. Well, that then gives me a good reason to go back. =)

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