Warsaw,Poland: A Photoblog

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Warsaw’s Old Town as you see it today was almost totally rebuilt after the war, mostly based on 18th century paintings. But the people of Warsaw did such a meticulous job rebuilding it from scratch that the Old Town was honoured with a place on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List in 1980.  (wikipedia.com)

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DSC01896 copySome are pieces made of Gold have been passed on by generations and are kept inside the museum.
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Unique floras around the old town of Warsaw

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Bus 175 takes you from Warsaw International Airport to the Old Town Square, which is its last stop.

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Warsaw Street Scene

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White bread sold like rings.

Pierogi (Polish Dumpling) is a popular find, and are best served with buttery sauce from Bacon Fat


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This cheap pasta and salad platter was my first meal in Poland

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Tyskie Beer has been my fave beer in Europe from the first sip, with a whopping 10% alcohol content. Polish enjoy beer as much as the neighbouring countries. There are 97 Breweries around Poland as of 2013.

Here are some of my friends who enjoyed Polish beer and Pierogis as much as I did. =)

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