A Peek Inside The Sagrada Familia

Any architecture junkie would identify this massive church at one glance. Truly, the Basilica de Sagrada Familia of Barcelona is incomparable.


Taken almost two blocks away to get a full shot, the Sagrada Familia’s imposing structure is more than 100 years in the making(and is yet to be completed). Currently at 70 meters high, Barcelona aims to complete the Basilica with towers 180 meters high, as designed by Antoni Gaudi, making it the tallest church in the world.


The intricate art nouveau details of the Basilica up close. This entrance way depicts the birth of Christ.


Cubist sculptures made of sandstone, depicting the life of Christ.


Manually carved text on the solid door panel

Apart from its imposing structure of the basilica, what really amazed me is how the interior achieved a truly surreal play of light and color as produced by the stained glass windows from all corners. Bone-like columns twist their way to the ceiling, reaching upwards like branches of trees, creating the impression of being in an enormous forest.


The main altar cross is designed to have a floating feel


Every corner of the basilica has been installed with contrasting colors, as a result, an incomparable ambiance is achieved.

I entered the basilica late afternoon, to get the full experience of the place as the sun sets on the west, pouring much light to stained glass windows.


The expressionist columns that represent trees and foliages, as envisioned by Ar. Antoni Gaudi.



The stunning ceiling works made of stone


A Photo of Antoni Gaudi


The Architect’s tomb at the Basilica’s crypt, below the main altar

Entrance fee to this Unesco protected site is 15 Euros, including the Museum (non-agency purchase). Lines for the ticket can be long, but as read from other blogs, I lined up at around high noon, about 12, when tourists are likely to have lunch. True enough I only waited for around 15 minutes. Entry to the basilica is regulated to every 15 minutes. I took the 4pm slot, as advised, to get the full experience as the sun sets on the west, pouring much light to stained glass windows. late afternoon visit is also ideal to be able to catch the daily mass at 6 pm at the crypt.


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