Visiting the Port City of Essaouira: A Photoblog

An easy side trip from Marakesh, Essaouira is a port city on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Its Medina has been enlisted as a UNESCO World heritage site since 2001. Directly facing the Atlantic Ocean, the city was windy and chilly the time I was there, which was a complete opposite of Marrakesh’s. It was summer when I visited.


A functioning Port City for many centuries, Essaouira is merely three hours away by Supratours bus from Marrakesh, for 8 USD or400 pesos/way. Any hostel can assist you on booking this. Expect some desert views along the way.  Here are some snapshots on how my side trip to Essaouira went.

Essaouira as a walled Fortress on the Atlantic Coast.


Essaouira as a functioning Port City

DSC04810 DSC04802 DSC04967DSC05110

Essaouira as a Seafood Market

DSC04818DSC05040 DSC04816

Essaouira as a laid back city to explore.

DSC04784DSC04780 DSC04846 DSC04862DSC04922 DSC05119 DSC04945

Essaouira and its ice cold Coca Cola in Arabic writings.


Essaouira as a nice backdrop for selfies.


Essaouira and the surreal Atlantic sunset.



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