Contemporary Filipino Flavors of Cafe Tavera Restaurant

Adding up to Davao City’s vast and growing options for food and dining, Cafe Tavera along Avancena Street is undoubtedly making waves as among the city’s most recent best. Launched 2013, the restaurant serves Filipino food with a contemporary twist; And not to mention a notable polished ambiance and great interiors, fit for intimate dining experience.

What I liked the most about Cafe Tavera is their wide range of Menu, from all sorts of live seafood to staple meat dishes, and they have quite a number of salad and appetizer choices, as well as vegetable dishes. Personally, I find Cafe Tavera a good option for Vegetarians, as well as non pork/red meat diners.

One thing I find unique with Cafe Tavera is on how they included Salted egg on Salads and special sauces , which I find very Filipino. Here are some of the restaurant’s best, which I personally loved and are worthy of a recommendation.

cafe tavera paco salad

Paco Salad with green Mango and Salted Egg . Very Filipino ! A great alternative to the usual Ceasar Salad.

cafe tavera langka

Langka Bulad sa Gata. A staple Bisaya dish of green (young) jackfruit with Dried Fish chunks in Coconut milk sauce. Very Filipino

Cafe Taveraa Prawn in Butter and Salted Egg Sauce

Prawns in White Sauce of Butter, spices and Salted Egg , which I find the taste new and very interesting ! A Must try. 

cafe tavera singaporean crab

Big Crabs in Chili Garlic Sauce. A House specialty

cafe tavera Imbao

Cafe Tavera Imbao Soup ( A Type of Clam ) . This is among the best clam soup I tried ever. Unlike the usual Imbao soup, this has a bit of citrus-cy – lemon grass taste to it , which I find interesting. Another of Cafe Tavera’s contemporary twist.

Cafe Tavera Dragon Balls

Dragonball ( Pork meat balls ) made to look cute and interesting . =)


Cafe Tavera Tropical Delight ! good for sharing


The cakes station.

Apart from walk – in dining area, Cafe Tavera Also boasts function Rooms to cater meetings and private gatherings. Get touch with the restaurant through the following channels,

Website :

Facebook Page :

Contact Numbers : 0932-794-6669 , 082-221-3322

Address : Tavera Corner Avancena Street Davao City ( Back of Phoenix Gas Station, Torres Street. )

Price Range : Mid , fit for intimate dining and posh dates. Plus plus plus for the polished interiors and spacious parking.


Cafe Tavera’s Cozy Interiors

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