Uratex Foam Philippines Opens Davao Showroom

“Uratex world-class quality foam supports Davao’s booming progress”

DAVAO CITY, Philippines, November 24, 2014 Trust is undeniably an intangible asset that makes an organization a powerhouse. Trust makes past and present generation of customers patronize a product or a service. It is the core value that keeps an organization rooted, grounded, and even impervious to any crisis, from envious competitors to economic crashes.

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Photo provided by Uratex Website uratex.com.ph . credits to the owner


Trust has empowered Uratex to grow immensely in over 46 years, from a modest company to a highly respected leader with an influence and loyal customer base here and abroad. Partners, suppliers, and colleagues associate the brand with ingenuity, innovation, reliability, endurance, and a dedicated customer service. Recently, and for the sixth consecutive year, Uratex won the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Platinum Award 2014, an Asia-wide survey running for 15 years now. It covers a wide array of industries, where winners are chosen based on trustworthiness and credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.

A passion for excellence characterizes its products. Innovations like the “Quali-5 Cellular Technology” make sure that Uratex foams are undeniably top-notch and world-class, shows the company’s strong adherence to quality; its quality assurance through its ISO-9001 certified facilities; world-class equipment; superior formulation and process engineering technology; and usage of best raw materials.

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Photo provided by Uratex Website uratex.com.ph . credits to the owner


It is therefore no surprise that Uratex has become the country’s largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products. Uratex is the flagship brand of the RGC Group of Companies, made up of RGC Textile Manufacturing Corporation, Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation; and Inoac Philippines, a joint venture with Inoac of Japan, and the RGC Foam Group, composed of Polyfoam-RGC International Corporation, Multiflex RNC Philippines, Inc., and Polyflex Industries. These companies and its 16 first-rate plants are responsible for bringing to the Philippine market high-quality and high value-for-money foam and other products nationwide.

RGC Foam Group is part of the RGC Group of Companies, one of the most progressive manufacturers in the Philippines today. The Group’s thriving foam business began in 1968 when Robert Cheng realized his dream of producing high-quality foam. He founded Polyfoam Chemical Corporation and, later on, expanded into related businesses to address the growing needs of the automotive, furniture, bedding, footwear, textile, garment, and food industries.

“Davao is consistently recognized as one of the most important areas in the country with regard to economic success due to its thriving tourism and commercial industries. Having a Uratex showroom here is part of our earlier commitment of expanding our business here and in other regions and cities in the country. We are proud to be now a part of Davao as it treads toward progress and future development,” says  Mr. Eddie Gallor, Vice President RGC Group of Companies.

Aside from being one of the most flourishing cities in the Philippines in terms of economic success, dynamic leadership and good governance, it is also an important growth area in the East Asian Growth Area or EAGA, a Southeast Asian regional economic enclave. Davao is known considered one of Mindanao’s financial hubs with a growing trade, commerce and industrial environment, and touted as the next most important destination for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) locators from Asia and the world, with around more than 20,000 full-time agents working in more than 20 BPO firms of various sizes.

It also has a thriving tourism industry that continues to draw foreign and domestic tourists, which contributed to the surge in the number of hotels, inns, resorts, and other hospitality-related establishments sprouting around the area.

And this is where Uratex sees the importance of the Davao market as it aims to supply world-class quality foam to travel-related establishments to ensure that their customers get very restful and healthful sleep. The same holds true for many Filipino households as for generations, mothers, homemakers, and individuals who hold sleep as a premium for their energetic lifestyle have always patronized Uratex mattresses.

It is this kind of quiet but solid, relentless support and trust that Uratex hopes to gain in Davao and the rest of the Philippines. Customers, clients, and partners have always recognized that it is their welfare that Uratex constantly keeps in mind – and it is their needs that the organization address in its continuing mission to innovate and develop its products.


>>>>>>>>>>> National Road Corner Belen Road Brgy. Pampanga

>>>>>>>>>>> Lanang, Davao City 8000

>>>>>>>>>>> Tel: +63 82 235-6888 / +63 82 324-5888

>>>>>>>>>>> Store hours: 9am to 6pm / Monday to Saturday.

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