249 Pesos Comfort Food Buffet by Al’s Kitchen 360°

Adding up to Davao City’s exciting choices of restaurants serving sumptuous buffets,  Al’s Kitchen 360° recently introduced its 249 Pesos comfort food buffet , available for lunch and dinner all Fridays and Saturdays. Located at the ground floor of Metro Lifestyle Complex along Torres Street corner Jacinto Street, Al’s Kitchen 360° is known and popular to Metro Lifestyle Gym goers as  “Fruitea Master” food and drinks station serving pro-fitness beverages and post workout meals, as well as regular set meals served in big portions. And with the introduction of the 249 Pesos buffet, Davaoenos can now enjoy the restaurant’s specialties , “All you can Eat” Style.

For 249 pesos, diners get to enjoy a feast of the restaurant’s best, such as the seafood curry pasta (which is a personal fave ) and  Beefy Pasta in Italian red sauce, among others . The Buffet also includes BBQ’ed meat , Chicken Fingers , a number of appetizers , as well as the restaurant’s noted Fresh Salad Ala Fruitea Master .

seafood creamy curry Al's Kitchen 360

Seafood Curry Pasta. A Personal Fave !

beefy pasta italian sauce

Beefy Pasta in Italian Red Sauce

salad als kitchen 360

Al’s Kitchen 360’s Fresh Salad ala Fruitea Master . A mix of Greens, vegetable , Apple and Grapes slices in light dressing, topped with parmesan cheese.

als kitchen 360

Al’s Pasta , Salad , Pork Steak and Chicken Fingers, all included in the 249 pesos Buffet.

als kitchen 360 place

Some walk in Diners excited to enjoy the lunch buffet . lol !

als kitchen 360 menu

Apart from the Weekend buffet , Al’s is also worth a try any time of the week . Their Ala Carte Meals come in large servings and are priced just right .

Al’s Kitchen 360° also does Catering Services . To get in touch with the restaurant , please like their official facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fruitea-Master-Als-healthy-diet-opt/193520540837753

Al’s Kitchen 360 is located at the ground floor of Metro Lifestyle Complex , Torres St. Corner Jacinto Street, DC.

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