Basti’s Brew Davao : Coffee + All the Other Good Stuff

A Valentine date , some late night group studies , casual meet ups , business meet ups , probably everyone in my generation has one or two Basti’s Brew Coffee experience  to share .

I Still recall back in 2001 when we were asked to pen sketch Basti’s facade for our manual drawing subject in Architecture. Funny how time flies so fast, and it is such a delight to imagine how Basti’s Brew has been serving Davao for 15 years already. 15 years , and still a staple in Davao’s Coffee Experience till this day.

As part of Basti’s 15th year anniversary, the cafe invited Davao Bloggers for a hefty lunch treat and sampling of their home style dishes. More than just serving coffee, Basti’s serves pizza , pasta and full course meals in big portions , aside from their staple pastry specials.

Here are some of my personal Favorites , which are no doubt worthy to recommend.

bastis brew grilled pork chop

Grilled Pork Chop Power Meal . 239 pesos . a hefty portion of grilled lean meat with Vege salad and soup.

bastis brew chicken cordon bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu Power Meal at 239 pesos . Hefty sized ham and cheese , sandwiched in perfectly coated and fried lean chicken breast meat. served with potato salad and soup

bastis brew beef stew

Beef Stew at 239 pesos . just delicious and tender beef cuts

bastis pesto pasta

Pesto Pasta !

bastis brew pasta

Tuna Pasta

bastis brew pizza

Chicken Garlic Pesto Pizza at 185 pesos

bastis brew carroza

Cheesy Carroza Sandwich with special tomato sauce dip at 145 pesos

Best of Basti’s Brew’s Pastry

bastis brew blueberry cheesecake

Basti’s Blueberry Cheesecake 130 pesos

bastis brew carrot cake

Round Carrot Cake 119 pesos

bastis brew bannana mackintosh

Banana Mackintosh Pie at 119 pesos

Basti’s Brew serves coffee and all other comforting food at the Ground Floor of Victoria Plaza, JP Laurel Ave. DC .

For function room inquiries ,  contact 082 222-6168 , or get in touch with them through


Cute Interiors at Bastis Brew . taken from Basti’s facebook page . Photo Credits to the Owner


Basti’s Main Dining Area , taken from Basti’s facebook page . Photo Credits to the Owner

One thought on “Basti’s Brew Davao : Coffee + All the Other Good Stuff

  1. I read all your entries. Very Nice! Looking forward to your next article. I wonder what you do for a living, because you seem to have so much time for traveling. Wish I can do the same. 🙂


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