Boracay In Time of Pandemic (and the Travel Requirements)

Much has been debated already re pros and cons of travelling with the ongoing pandemic. But you know, I am not here to talk about scientific stands and make justifications, kay kapoy na kaayo’g isip. I am writing this blog para mag chika chika lang about laag and all.

Yes guys, I just came from Boracay about a few weeks ago. Yes guys, nag-laag pa rin ako in spite of it all. Sabi nga, once a laagan, always a laagan. But this time, laag more responsibly, aron dili ta mategi og early.

If annoyed ka sa idea nga mulaag ron, please leave this article now kay masuya lang imong face. If ganahan mo mulaag pud og inyo, then hop on, mag chika ta how i prepared for mine.

3 weeks ko didto sa Boracay. Supposedly less than two weeks lang. But why that long? kay naabtan ko’g pina avtik na lockdown sa isla. hahaha. Exciting no? But before everything else, chika sa ta on my travel preparations aron ingnon naa tay pulos.

Gensan-Manila-Boracay and back. Kana akong routa, via Cebu Pacific. Advantage sa laag ron with Ceb kay 1, cheap tickets; and 2, naay ginatawag na “Flexi”, wherein naay option to rebook your flight free of charge in case kalit kalit nga dili favourable mularga, though subject to availability gihapon. Go Check CEB website for further details on this.

Prior to my flight, I prepared the following documents,

– Screenshot of RT-PCR swab test result, max 72 hours before the flight. I had mine sa Manila na, because you’ll get faster results there. P 5,000 Pesos (Walk-in, Rush Package sa The Lord’s Grace in Pasay, near CCP), result will be emailed within 12 hours (in my case, wala pang 6 hours naa na). You can only fly if negative. Otherwise, another story na yan.
– Screenshot of confirmed booking from a DOT accredited hotel. I booked mine through Agoda.
– Screenshot of Flight details. Proof of Round Trip Ticket, bawal po one way.
– Proof of identification. I took a photo of my SSS ID.
– Screenshot of the OHDC (Health Declaration Card) confirmation – This one, you have to fill up at this website, Easy lang ni, more on personal information lang plus number of days stay. Go check it out.

If complete na all 5 documents, E-mail these requirements to . Ang subject sa Email should be formatted as “OHDC-Family Name, First Name”.

And yes, nag-overnight ako sa Manila, mao I was able to get my RTPCR test there. Though pwede lang man ka pa swab sa hometown nimo, as long as it is an accredited center.

After submission, you should receive a response via e-mail within 2 hours. If not, you may send a follow up email. You will also be informed through e-mail if the processing is unsuccessful and additional requirement or clarification may be requested.

Complicated ba ang preparation? Not quite. Actually, dili jud. All you have to do is start! But first, make sure you are healthy and prepared magpa Swab. Some people are afraid of it. Di naman sya masakit (medyo masakit lang sa bulsa). But yeah, laagans will find ways. The reward naman is promising.

Advantages of Visiting Boracay now.

All time low hotel rates per night. I stayed in Boracay Holiday Resort (St.2) for around 1,400 Pesos with breakfast. Regular rate is around + 2,500 per night. Some hotels and resorts offer long term stay. Sa canvass ko, As low as 7,000 per month at Midtown Hotel, Station 2.

Daycation at Hennann Crystal Sands Hotel. Katkat!

Perks and discounts here and there! Lucrative Daycation rates. Belmont Hotel offers Day tour package for only 1,500 Pesos, inclusive of 1,000 Pesos consumable to food and beverages, free use of all facilities (beach, gym and pool), 60 minute full body massage. Other popular big hotels also offer similar packages. Hennann Hotels offer Day-stay for only 1,000 Pesos, with 500 Pesos consumable.

Discounted tours. Extended Happy Hours on most bars! Some offer Buy1take1 upto closing time. Los Indios at Station 1 and Le Soliel Station two are among those with extended happy hours for beer and cocktails.

Best part of the trip? Less people! Less noise. Malinis at maayos! If you want to experience that kind of island vibe, now is the best time to visit.

Now, and pauli ? ahh that’s another story. I hate to rain on your plans in mind now but you also have to consider (and prepare for) this. Check your LGU for the local policies. I personally quarantined for 10 days the moment I got back, at my own expense. Ok lang naman sa akoa. I actually enjoyed the quarantine. It took it as an additional resting time for myself. To recharge and reflect, and I came out strong after that! Char. But yeah. Kamo na decide if kaya sa inyong konsensya maglaag and all. If not, puyo mo!


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