Japan MULTIPLE Entry Visa Approved! (An Application Guide)

Yes, bes! I just got my passport back from the agent, with an approved Multiple Entry Visa to Japan, valid for 5 years. And I am sharing with you guys how I was able to complete the process.


As per Japan Embassy website, here are the terms and conditions for issuance,

(1) Applicant with history of travel as temporary visitor to Japan in the last three (3) years ; has no known violation of domestic laws of Japan nor had problem with immigration regarding entry and status during the period of stay ; and has sufficient financial capacity to support expenses for travel and stay. This is where I qualified. Kailangan makapunta muna ng Japan within the recent 3 years. I’ve been to Japan once lang last Nov 2018.

(2) Applicant with history of travel as temporary visitor to Japan in the last three (3) years; has no known violation of domestic laws of Japan nor had problem with immigration regarding entry and status during the period of stay; and, has several history of travel as temporary visitor to G7 countries (excluding Japan) in the last (3) years.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 10.41.29 PM.png

(3) Applicant with abundant financial capacity, kahit di pa nakapag-Japan. This is very vague because it doesn’t say how much funding should be shown as proof. baka 1 Mn.

(4) Spouse or Child of (3) above thru affidavit of support. Ask your lawyer about this.


Now moving forward, here are the steps I did.

(Step 1) I tapped with a recognised travel agency for this application, since DIY/Personal application is NOT accepted by Japan Embassy.  The visa application fee costs P 1,700.00. I made it clear that this is not my first, and I am applying for multiple this time.  The agency provided my with blank forms to fill, though downloadable naman din from the embassy website. I spent P 1,700.00 because I am based here in Davao City. I’ve read that fees in Manila could go for as low as P 950.00 only.

(Step 2) Here are the requirements I’ve submitted. Basically, similar lang din as what I’ve submitted for my first application.

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Completed Visa Application Form  but check the (✔)Multiple option. The agency gave me a set of this. They also check/correct.
  3. 2 copies Colored Photo, 4.5cm x 4.5cm , white background with name,birthdate and signature at the back. most recent lang po pwede (do not repeat what you submitted for other visas)
  4. Daily Schedule in Japan or the Tazai Yoteihyo (to be discussed below)
  5. Bank Certificate (latest)
  6. Income Tax Return 1701 clear Photocopy for the self employed (latest)
  7. DTI Registration for the self employed
  8. Request for Multiple Entry Form. The agency gave me a sheet of this, which looks like this. download.jpgOn the bottom box, you make a statement on why you are requesting for Multiple. I stated there that I am going on March, and again on September with the family, and also hoping for the Olympics 2020. Your statement should make them accept that you have valid reasons to revisit. Make or break this part.

(Step 3) Submit documents to the Agency . Pay the fee ( P1,700 yung akin sa Davao). 

(Step 4) Magpa Novena ka na walang palpak sa mga papeles mo. lol. Sit back and wait lang. The agency naman  will most likely check your documents if they comply.

I submitted my documents December 15,2018 and got the result January 3,2019.



Other Tips and Tricks:

(1) Ito ang Itinerary format na sinumbit ko for my supposed March 2019 trip.  Mock up IT lang po,no need to strictly follow. screen shot 2019-01-21 at 10.32.06 pm

(2) For employed, provide ITR 2316 photocopy, plus valid employment certificate with salary detail and approved dates of leave for the upcoming trip. Photocopy company ID also.

(3) Kung government employee ka, kailangan mo mag secure ng Authority to travel from your head (plus bring your ID) kasi yung Immigration Officer naman ng NAIA ang sisita sayo without the approved document.

(4) Airline Ticket and Hotel Bookings are NOT required. However, on the form, you will be asked for an address and contact No. in Japan.  I just gave them the address of the hotel from my first visit.

(5) When to apply? The earliest is 90 days before the intended trip. as per blogs.

(6) How much bank funds I showed for this? Around a 120k.

(7) I did not submit na PSA Birth certificate since I am a returning tourist. B.Cert is only required for first timers.

(8) The beauty of applying thru an agency is that they will check your documents and forms for errors and they text you for update so sulit na din ang fee.

(9) First time applicant? click HERE.

(10) For application assistance, you may get in touch with Traveloft Travel and Tours,Inc.

(11) Cebu Pacific flies from Mactan Cebu to Tokyo (Narita) DAILY. Click here to search for your best dates.


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