Revisiting Visayas: Easy Breezy Stay at Bayfront Hotel Cebu

Having a few days to spare last May, I decided to spend a quick weekender trip to the famous Cebu City. I am no stranger to Cebu, as I have been to this city two to three times with my previous employment. But as expected, business trips can never be considered a vacation. Hotels and transfers are well prepared already before we arrived. The trip I had last May was actually my first time to see Cebu on my own. And indeed, the famed queen city of the south gets lovelier on every visit.

As an issue for any plane riding backpacker, finding cheap airport transfer is a priority. I am aware that Cebu’s international airport is not very near the city (in fact, it is located on another island); As such, i prepared myself to ride a coded airport taxi, which would probably cost me 400 pesos.

CHEAP AIRPORT TRANSFER BY MYBUS : Fortunately, there is already a cheap bus transferring passengers to and from the airport, as operated by My Bus Transport.  One way trip only costs 25 pesos, and is scheduled hourly from 7 am to 9 pm. The bus is stationed just outside the arrival hall, with tarps and a manned booth for easy assistance.


One way trip of MyBus is priced at 25 pesos. There is also an option to buy a transpo card for 200 pesos consumable, and has lots of freebies from SM like bowling and ice skating slots. cool!

MYBUS STOP AND PICK UP STATION: MyBus is stationed at the SM Cebu Compound, North Reclamation Area. The trip from the airport took a little more than an hour, as it was around 5 pm already. But conveniently, the bus stop is just across BAYFRONT HOTEL CEBU where I was booked.

EASY ACCOMMODATION IN CEBU: As one of the tourist hubs of the country, options for accommodation are everywhere. But as recommended by a friend, I chose to stay at BAYFRONT HOTEL CEBU for the following reasons:

1.) The hotel is relatively new, by just around 2 years in service.

2.) Easy Breezy Location. Super walking distance from SM Cebu and Radisson Bleu, plus the convenience of MyBus airport transfer is just across the hotel.

3.) Inexpensive. Private Rooms at around 2,500 (off peak) for two with buffet breakfast.

4.) Room Type options. Bayfront Hotel has affordable barkada rooms with double decks, Suite rooms (Condo set up) and special rooms dedicated for PWD.

5.) Contemporary interiors . Instagram worthy at every angle.


Bayfront Hotel Cebu’s Superior Twin Room*


The Barkada Room*


The Suite Room, Condo unit set up with living room and Clean Kitchen*

header05 (1)

The Breakfast Area*


Fitness Gym*

(*Room and facility photos above are owned by Bayfront Hotel Cebu.)



Booking with Bayfront Hotel Cebu is also an easy breezy deal. The Hotel has a reliable website

Bayfront Hotel Cebu | Kaohsiung Street, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City. Phone Number: +63322306777

Watch out for my detailed Cebu trip soon. =)

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