Top 5 European Beers ni Jose(My favourites so far)

Dahil Valentine’s at napapanahong maglasing, I am posting my top 5 favourite beers, from the countries I’ve visited in Europe. I love beer, particularly the mildly sweet brew. I am an avid beer drinker, but I am not an expert of beer science or anything. The list is basically on my personal preference with taste, crispness, and partially with the packaging. hihi

There are different types of beer based on how it is prepared and stored. Personally, I like Draft beer. These are stored and served from a barrel (or pressurized keg) rather than from a bottle or can. Regardless of the type of beer, the container, the handling and exposure to the elements may actually affect the taste. Kaya nga if you noticed, minsan di consistent ang lasa ng bottled. I find draft beers more preserved, better tasting, consistent and more flavourful. But this is just a thought of mine. Nothing super fancy.

And I don’t like putting ice on my beer. Zzz.

So, here goes my list… =)

#1 Tyskie Beer from Poland.   5.6% alcohol and up. Tyskie is actually a bit fruity-ish. And I love mildly sweet beer, that is why it stood on top of the list. Taste is light malty and honey sweet with pretty much no bitterness, which is just perfect for me.  And as per the bar tender, Tyskie is consistently good. DSC01861 copy#2 Soproni Beer of Budapest. 6% , 8%, 12% Alcohol. One of Hungary’s favourite.The taste is light, mildly sweet at the start, followed by a mild bitterness to the finish.DSC01102#3 Hansy Beer of Vienna, Austria. Concocted by a local Viennese restaurant Gasthaus Hansy that brews their own beer, this lager beer is surely served fresh and crisp. Tripadvisor has good rating for this restaurant, and the beer as well.DSC01421#4 Mythos Beer of Greece. 4.7% to 5% Alcohol. As per some reviews, some find it too mild. But I find it good actually. Perfect to pair with meaty street food around Athens.DSC04056#5 Staropramen Beer of Prague Czech Republic. This is among Prague’s Decent Bohemian Pilsen, that is balanced to the milder sideDSC01006

Other Runner Ups: Arany Beer of BudapestDSC01123G Menabrea Beer of ItalyMilan2015josemanuel24Kronenbourg of Franceparis20152Pilsner Urquell of Czech RepublicDSC01729This list is really just a fraction of Beer names around Europe. Will I be updating the list on my next visit? We’ll see. =)


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