Five Must Eats in Athens,Greece

Greek Street food was something I really looked forward during my trip to Europe. Apart from the interesting fusion of Italian cheese and spices with Middle Eastern influences, Greek street food is always served heavy, filling and cheap! Bumawi ako ng lamon sa Greece kasi mahal yung pagkain sa iba.The pizza and gelato in Italy were also great, but are just too mainstream, Lol.

Anyways, here’s my list of the street finds around Athens that should never be missed.


The Souvlaki is probably the most common Greek food you can basically find anywhere. This fast food is mainly grilled meat (could be pork, lamb, chicken or fish) wrapped in pita with all the greek spices in tzatsiki (yogurt)sauce. It is somewhat their version of shawarma, except that the greek bread is thicker and more chewy. Souvlaki is a heavy street food (big enough like around 8″ long, and priced at only around 3 Euro with Coke.


Here is a personal favourite, the Moussaka. This one is somewhat the Greek’s version of Lasagna. Layers of sautéed aubergine(mini eggplant), minced meat, fried pureed tomato, onion, garlic and spices like cinnamon, potato, cheese topping and béchamel sauce


Anything with Greek Feta Cheese is amazing. Here is literally a Slab of Feta Cheese topping a salad dish, like around 10 cm thick. Generous!

Lachmatzoun is an ancient greek style rolled pizza. also a popular street food. The brown part shown is spicedLminced lamb meat.


lightly salted and grilled Lamb ribs, perfectly paired with cuscus. This was around 9 Euros, good for two.

Other Street food around the city…


Greek Yogurt with Walnut and Honey. Must not miss!


Anything with cheese is good in Greece


pastries and brittles and other stuff related to Baklava


The Mythos Beer for the win! Mild and crisp, this is my 2nd fave beer in Europe (next to 10% Tyskie of Poland)


Although not originally from Athens, Leonidas coffee is also a great bev, and cheap as well. only 1.50 Euro for this iced frappe. You’ll never find coffee as cheap as that in France or Italy.


A great view of Athens Agora Market, which has long been the center of trade for the Greeks, since Time B.C.

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