Bonjour Paris: A One Day D.I.Y. Walking Tour

At last, napost na din first blog ko from my recent Europe Trip. Sorry natagalan, busy eh, kailangan mag effort sa work. Daming ganap sa Europe, sobra. Sharing those memories will take me ’til December cguro to blog (considering my pace in uploading, hihi).

This is my first post, and what better way to share my experience than to start with Bonjour Paris! Just a recap, my entry and exit point in Schengen Area was Paris, since it was the cheapest way I found to enter Europe. Will upload another article re the detailed itinerary on Paris with fare and all. But for the meantime, share ko muna ung ginawa kong tour route that we followed kasi excited ako. Pinag hirapan ko to eh. Pag bigyan nah. Hope you all enjoy my photos=)


Here’s our one day ‘do it yourself’ walking tour to most of the spots and architectural landmarks of Paris. We paid no entrance fees for these stops, photo op lang and coffee and food trip along the way. It is free to go inside the churches and the Pompidou Bldg. Unless you go inside the museum or climb um Eiffel then that’s the time you pay.
This was the route me and an accountant friend Mary Annilou Bravo did in Paris. Commending her for the patience to walk 6:30 am to 7pm, and bear with my energy. hihi. After Eiffel, which was the last stop, we took the metro na back to our place, took our bags and head to the airport by public bus around 10pm, haha and we slept there. Imagine the hirap para maka laag lang jud and tipid.

This walking tour takes around 12 hours, including the stops. If this would be too kakapagod for you then the Bus Hop on Hop off  is the best choice for around 27 to 30 Euro (1500 pesos).

Our route covers most tourist spots and interesting architectural icons that are located along (or near) Le Siene River, making it easy to navigate. When visiting Paris on a thrift, work up those legs and feel free to follow our walking route =)

We stayed at Young and Happy Youth Hostel, which is very near Place Monge Metro Station. This area, known as the latin quarters of Paris, offers fairly cheaper accommodations, that are still considerably near the city center.  An overnight stay was around 1,350 pesos/night for a bed in a shared Attic room; very Princess Sarah Feels, lol.  The price comes with a continental breakfast (basic bread, jam, cereals and coffee).


The Parisian Latin Quarters at night.


Inside Young and Happy Hostel with that Hippie Vibe.


The dorm bed at the attic. Not for the maarte and mayabang but the bed was clean.

We started the walking tour at 6:30 AM. Our first stop was the Pantheon (1), which was just around 15 minutes leisurely walk from were we stayed in Place Monge. The Pantheon and its surrounding buildings are great examples of  Classic Revival Architecture. It houses the tombs of famous Frenchmen; Victor Hugo to name one.


The Pantheon itself. We were not able to go in the tombs kasi it was around 7 am pa. Wala macyadong tao dito kaya perfect for video2x feels, which I shall upload later =)


A Parisian Summer Morning feels.

After  having photo ops at the Parthenon, we walked towards Le Siene River to see the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral(2) .  We got there around 8, just as soon as the church opened. Crowds flock in around 9, as a local mentioned.  Along the way we also got some coffee and patisserie from Hure Bakery, which was located, just before crossing the bridge to Notre Dame.


Pastries of Hure créateur de plaisir (Bakery) are relatively affordable in Paris. A Framboise (raspberry filling) costs 2 Euro (100 pesos) This is as big as my face. can be shared by two


Eclairs in Paris may be pricey ( around 250 pesos) but there are really huge and topped with fresh fruits. Minsan sayang kainin kasi they are super pretty.


Coffee to go for the Char !


The Majestic Notre Dame Cathedral. Imagine Disney’s Quasimodo ringing the bell para fairy tale ung feels.

Building work began way back 12th century, it was not until some 300 years later construction finally came to an end. Several renovations have been done in the recent centuries due do damages of fire and war, but the original structure has been maintained. Notre Dame until these days is considered one of the most iconic churches in Europe. Getting in the church is free of charge. Unless you go up the tower then that’s the time to pay.

Architectural styles: French Gothic architecture


Details of Notre Dame Facade.


The cathedral’s Vaulted Ceiling.


Cathedral’s Gothic interiors.  Imagine walking on this grounds that once held so much France’s history.

Crossing the Notre dame by bridge to the northern banks will bring you straight to Hotel de Ville (3), housing the city’s local administration. This is also an iconic architectural landmark for the French. When Vietnam was under the french rule, they built an administrative building in Saigon, patterned and also naming it ” Hotel de Ville “.

Architectural styles: French Renaissance architecture, Renaissance Revival architecture


A short walk from Hotel the Ville stands Pompidou Building(4). Built during the late 60’s, this center is an iconic landmark especially for architects as this is among the most recognised post modernist structure that paved way for the acceptance of such form.  Getting in the building is free, (and there is a sports center at the basement). Entrance fee is asked for the museum floors.

Architectural styles: Postmodern architecture, High-tech architecture

Rue de Temple ( which is the street next to Pompidou) is also a destination for Parisian Nightlife for the Yuppie crowds. 


Me at the Pompidou Center

After the side trip to Pompidou, we walked back to the riverbanks since our next stops are located there. Prior to getting to the Louvre Museum, we stopped at Pont Neuf (5), a bridge that also has the iconic lovelocks of Paris. The Original lovelocks at Pont du Arts have been towed away already when we got there. Even so, French people are trying to revive the culture na today at Pont Neuf.


at an area near Pont Neuf. Its impossible to miss this as long as you walk near the riverside. This is also super near to the Notre Dame


Palakihan daw ng locks para walang iwanan. Bet?

Next stop is the iconic Louvre Museum (6).  Photo Op lang kami nito sa labas, which was around 11 AM na; And you can also go in the main lobby located at the Carrousel du Louvre, which is an underground shopping mall in Paris. I went inside the Museum on another day, kasi it will take you hours to enjoy the galleries, which houses one of the biggest collection of history and art in the world.  Will upload another article re Louvre. Entrance is around  12 Euro (15 Euro kung sa agencies). Nasa 600/750 pesos lang. Sobrang mura na to for a museum to house vast riches from all corners of the world.


Modelling feels sa labas ng Louvre.


Louvre Main Lobby

Yung kasama ko had lunch at the Carrousel du Louvre, madami naman fastfood dun. When in such touristic place in Paris, expect to spend 10 Euro (500 Pesos) at least for lunch.

Moving onward, we just had a leisurely walk along the riverside, and we got to see a lot of spots like the Jardine de Tuileries, the Place de Concorde. Though not along the riverbank area, I recommend visitors to check La Fayette Shopping Center (7).  You can either have lunch here or coffee. And the shopping center has a nice roof deck with a good view of Paris. Just opposite the shopping center is the Paris Opera House.


Inside the shopping center. Amazing isn’t it ?

As soon as you had your rest na sa mall, walk back towards the riverbank. On your way, you will pass by Le Madeleine Church . Famous to for the kids of the 90’s kasi ung movie na Madeline.

paris201528 paris201530

Walking back to the riverside, you will also pass by Laduree Pastry Shop, famous for their prettiest Macarons.  mga isang piraso, 2″ ang laki, nasa 150 pesos. Laban?

paris201526 paris201527

After the Madeleine Church, nasa riverbanks ka na ulit nyan, you may opt to walk towards the Eiffel along the Le Seine River (9), which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes on a slow pace. or pwede rin naman mag train ka na or mag bus. There are tourist kiosks in Paris, should you need assistance.   As for me, I’ll definitely walk the afternoon up, because it is when i get to see and  really experience the Parisian streets, and those cute details everywhere. I also get to see a lot of cafe interiors to get inspiration from.


The view of Le Seine on the way to Eiffel.


Some green building that i personally liked.


Toilets are no worries in Paris. These on the street are free. Although sometimes these cubes get busy, you have to wait 30 minutes more. Bet?


May issue si kuya. This is a common detail you see along buildings.

Paris is and Art City, with buildings that are generally renaissance/classical revival. Tourists will never run out of details to see.  Finally around 5 pm we reached the Eiffel (10) Park. Thou in all honesty, it is difficult to find a good angle for a shot as the grounds are packed with tourist. As per blogs, the best shots are taken from Trocadero, which is just across the river by bridge. Tourist enjoy the Eiffel grounds free of charge. You only have to pay the moment you go up the tower, which is a hefty 15 Euro (750 pesos), not to mention the cue. Sobrang daming tao. So we opt to stay on ground nlang and enjoy the cool breeze.  Beware of  pickpockets specifically in this area. They are as swift as rabbits.


The Obligatory Eiffel Shot. Simple lang.

You can also spend your time here in Eiffel ’til evening to see the light show. That is free. =)

And that was how our one day walking tour happened. After Eiffel, we head back to our place in Latin Quarters by metro to Place Monge Station. Train Ride wont cost you more than 2 Euro (100 pesos). I will upload another article on the complete D.I.Y. tour with costing. Wait lang ha? Hope you guys enjoyed this. Excuse nyo lang my imperfect grammar haha. But, Kebs =)

2 thoughts on “Bonjour Paris: A One Day D.I.Y. Walking Tour

  1. You really did great at walking Manuel. And you must have thanked Mary for the nth time of accompanying you. But I’m sure your 12hr trip was so much fun. Jealous but hopefully, will visit Paris soon. 🙂


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