A First Timer’s Davao Diving Session

When visiting Davao, never ever leave our city without seeing the coral gardens and marine life of Samal and Talikod Island. And especially to first time Davao visitors, a day tour to our Coral Garden and Marine Park can smoothly be arranged for you by Tide and Tribe Travel and Tours.
The Coral Garden and Marine Park, around 45 minutes away from Davao City by boat, is located west of Talikud Island, and is dearly called “Linosutan” by local divers of Barangay Linosutan.
Divers are treated to a sight of hard and soft coral beds, tropical fish, garden eels, anemones of shrimps and the likes. For some thrill seekers, seeing banded sea snakes would be a highlight, but it is given of course that these marine lives are not supposed to be touched for conservation, as well as for safety.

In all honesty, I was hesitant at first to do diving. As all my friends know, I am not the best of the swimmers, and I never swim deep water without a floating vest. But Sir Darriel Quiogue of Tide and Tribe Travel and Tours, who is an avid diver himself, was good enough to talk me though it. All i needed was to be surrounded by experienced divers after all.

Fake smile. I was actually nervous to take the plunge! (Please don't judge me. haha)

Fake smile. I was actually nervous to take the plunge! (Please don’t judge me. haha)

Although first timers do need to suck up some courage to begin with, intro diving does not really require a person to be super good at swimming. As arranged by Tide and Tribe, the intro diving is a “1 dive guide to 1 guest” policy; Each guest will be under capable hands of an assigned dive master. The intro dive can go 25 feet in depth. Each plunge would take around 20-30 minutes underwater.

Here are some of the snap shots taken by Tide and Tribe Travel and Tours. Indeed, diving first time is a surreal experience.


Me with Escape Manila, a fellow first timer. haha !


An amazing experience of getting this close to the lush coral garden of Samal Island. This shot is at around 25 feet in depth

Have way through the dive

Half way through the dive

Our fully equipped boat around Samal and Talikod Island

Our fully equipped boat around Samal and Talikod Island

This amazing diving experience has been arranged by Tide and Tribe Travel and Tours, as part of the Two Day “Must-C” Davao package.

Apart from the two day package, the operator also offers a Three day package for broader Davao experience. They can also design special tours upon client’s requests. Get to know the operators by reaching through the following links below.

Tide and Tribe Travel and Tours

Garcia Heights, Davao City, 8000,  Philippines

Email : info@tideandtribe.com

Telephone Number : (6382) 222-0193

Mobile Number : (63927) 572 4638 / (63927) 572 4683


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