Mindanao Towns and Shores : Bislig, Surigao del Sur

Bislig is a pretty little city east of Surigao del Sur , which is around 220 Km. from Davao City. Among the industries that the city can boast is fresh seafood. Though bislig is relatively small in size , the city has been sited on recent years  as a travel destination for two note worthy creations of mother nature , which I was fortunate to visit a year ago.

The Hinatuan River

Photo Credits : Mr. Ian Garcia of M Magazine


Hinatuan River , 20 km. from Bislig,  was once a mysterious edge of the town that locals believe to be enchanted.  But on recent years, the river has fast became a tourist spot , that people flock to this place to experience its clear blue water and mysterious depth , still undocumented till this day. The river water is so clear that the fishes visibly swim around.

During my visit, I was not able to appreciate the river that much because it was a public holiday and trucks of locals were congesting much of the area. Some even brought karaoke , that greatly took over the solemnity of the place.

Nonetheless, I still recommend this spot as noteworthy , and perhaps a visit on an early weekday morning would be better, as the water shall most likely be calm and undisturbed. The beauty of this place is undeniable.

Tinuy-an Falls

This stunning body of water is known as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. It is a three levelled waterfall around 100 meters wide , with the tallest level around the height of a 6 storey building . This falls is not much discussed on Philippine history books since it is located at a remote province. All the more that it made the place interesting. It is also known to locals that during rainy season, a rainbow usually appears on the fall’s atmosphere almost every morning.

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Travelling to Bislig is no sweat, as Davao – Surigao Bus lines have routes to this province for around 350 pesos (8 USD) , 3-4 hours travel. Chartered Vans are available for day tours at round 5000 pesos ++ ( 1200 USD) per day , which sits 18 heads max.

Vans going to Mangagoy (Bislig City) are also available at Gaisano Mall, P300 + ( 8 USD)


Entrance Fees :

Enchanted River – P30- adult,  P5- kids 4ft below.

Tinuy-An Falls – P50 – adult, FREE – children aging 7 and below.


Scheduling :

Enchanted River – open – 6 a.m., close -5 p.m.
Tinuy-an Falls – open whole day.


Facilities :

Enchanted River – there are tables and cottages available for rent within the area. ( P 50 – P 100 ) .

Tinuy-an Falls- cottages for rent (P300-P1000)


Accommodations :

Visit http://www.bislig.gov.ph  for complete listing and contact numbers .


Photo Credits : Mr. Ian Garcia of M Magazine

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