Relaxed Three Days Itinerary:Siem Reap,Cambodia 2019

With all these promo airfares popping almost every weekend, it is now easier for us Filipinos to plan weekend getaways overseas without spending so much. Vietnam, Hongkong, Thailand and Singapore are nearby destinations we usually visit, as these countries are just around 3 hours away by plane, and are Visa-free for Filipinos. Aiming to encourage … Continue reading Relaxed Three Days Itinerary:Siem Reap,Cambodia 2019

Angkor Wat Solo Day Tour

My Visit to Angkor Wat Complex has somewhat put to reality the days when we used to research and detail this temple for our History of Architecture Subject. More than Just a sacred Religious Site for Buddhist , Angkor Wat is a showcase of early mankind's craftsmanship and ingenuity, making it one of Man's greatest … Continue reading Angkor Wat Solo Day Tour