Advanced Selfie:How To Take Creative Self Portraits During Solo Travel

When traveling solo, taking good photos with yourself in it is probably one of the biggest challenges to deal with. Excluding those naturally photogenic people without any bad angle,taking selfies with a cam phone often produce awkward compositions. Your face may be too near the camera, which is not flattering at all. Using a selfie stick may solve this, but it does limit your creative poses and movement. Timers on the other hand, take a lot of effort. I myself have been struggling with these, until I was introduced to the Advanced Selfie Technique.

Handheld selfie. Oh di ba am’pangit? mukhang undin.

What is Advanced Selfie?

Advanced Selfie is coined by Sorelle Amore, a popular British social media influencer. The technique is shooting creative selfies from a digital camera that is remotely connected and fully controllable with your handheld mobile phone. No help, no production team—completely solo.

I was introduced to the art of taking better self portraits by my friend Kareen Lucero, who is also a travel enthusiast. Then on, selfies from my recent solo travel have improved greatly.

With a camera that is remotely controlled by your mobile phone, you get to see your background and angles, thus make corrections and improvements on the spot. It’s something that a timed camera cannot provide easily.

The Tools Needed to do it:

1.) Digital Camera – Wifi Connect-Capable. I use a Sony Mirrorless Camera that I can remotely control with my smartphone.  Most recent cameras of any brand that bought 5 years ago (or maybe earlier) have this feature already. Ask your camera seller to verify.

2.) A Smartphone. I’m using an Android operated – Oppo Phone.

3.) Imaging Edge Mobile App installed on my android mobile phone. Imaging Edge is provided by Sony,which is  downloadable via Play store.There are other respective ‘Cam to Phone’ connectivity app for Canon and etc. Just ask your camera seller or google it.  After installing the app on the phone, you must remotely connect the phone and the camera via its wifi feature. The phone gives instructions on this. For further assistance on the app, click here. Installation videos are also available on youtube. Just search Image Edge to Sony Camera.

4.) A Handy Tripod for the camera. I use a flexible octopus tripod bought from lazada.

5.) Practice,practice,practice!

The Image Edge App as shown. This app is for Sony “Cam to Android Phone” connection. There are also apps for other cam brands that can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Apple Phones, I did not research. Probably meron din.

The Phone, via the Image Edge App, lets you view whatever the camera sees.

My Octopus Tripod. This beauty was first introduced to me by my friend Ian Garcia. The tripod is flexible. You can actually tie it on railings or wherever safe.

Sample photos and the advantages explained:

  • Find Better timing. Crowd and passerby are always a struggle. With a remotely controlled camera, you can easily take a shot when the background is clear, as seen from your mobile phone. This is probably the best advantage that a timed camera alone cannot provide.

  • Find better facial angle. Oh di ba, nagmamaganda?

  • Create Dynamic Poses. You can play different movements and framings to level up your composition. This is definitely impossible to do when using a selfie stick. Another advantageous feature of the Image Edge App is that also has a timer option that can delay the shot on your camera.


  • Play on Distance. Wide frame or close ups, pwede! This feature is camera dependent though. My Sony allows 10-15 meters distance. But I believe most cameras do. baka nga better pa.

No help, no production team—completely solo.

Possible Cons:

  • Since you’ll be placing your camera at a distance, always keep an eye on it for snatchers and kawatans.
  • Hiding your handheld mobile phone is a challenge for beginners. But this can easily be solved. You’ll probably develop your own technique din.

So basically, that’s it! Easy-breezy, right? Kaya nyo din yan. Practice lang. I myself, beginner’s level pa din in terms of creativity. There will always be room for improvements and more inspirations to absorb.

For more Advanced Selfie techniques, follow Sorelle Amore (@Sorelleamore) on IG. She also handles the @advanced.selfie IG page, which I also follow.

For more photo samples, click on—> Bagan Itinerary Blog.

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