Contemporary Oslo|A Cityscape Photoblog

Norway’s capital city is certainly a contemporary design heaven for architects and other design enthusiasts. Without a doubt, Oslo boasts some of the best and most current ideas in art,architecture and interior design in the European region.

Here are the highlights from my two days visit to the Norwegian capital.oslo56The Oslo Opera House is one of the capital city’s most celebrated architectural masterpiece. The building is purposely designed with a multi-level sloped decks that allows people to walk from the ground level and up to the top without having to go inside the building. The opera house as well boasts an impressive interior woodwork. No fees are asked to enter the building lobby.oslo58oslo60oslo61The opera house has one of the most impressive comfort room I have ever visited.oslo57The opera house is at its most impressive during sunset to early evening.oslo67The view of Oslo waterfront as seen from the roof deck.oslo66The view of the city as seen from roof deck.oslo65

Tjuvholmen (Thief Island) and the Aker Brygge are two noted modern day waterfront developments in Oslo. The place erects Norway’s famous contemporary buildings, as well as museums and community facilities. Day tours are welcome, and are free of charge.oslo10oslo11oslo15oslo16oslo17oslo18oslo19oslo20oslo21

The Astrup Fearnley Museum, which is also located in Tjuvholmen, holds a wide collection of contemporary art and installations from artists of different nationalities. The Building designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano. Entrance to the exhibits costs around 12 Euros (600 Pesos)oslo23oslo38oslo24oslo28oslo33Here are some highlights of the museum exhibit.oslo35oslo36oslo39oslo40
The museum toilet for the disabled looks like something from a sci-fi movie set.oslo27

Vigeland Sculpture Park is another highlight of Oslo’s contemporary art scene. Entrance to the park is free of charge. 30 minutes tram ride from the city centre via Tram # 12. oslo70oslo71

More on Oslo to follow. =)

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