Easy Walking Tour Around Prague (Plus Czech Foodies)

Apart from being declared as a city of love, Prague probably is one of the best destination for any medieval architecture junkie, with its well preserved Gothic and Romanesque monuments. Here are some of my best snap shots while walking around Prague’s old district. prague

A massive, fortified complex of churches and palaces, the UNESCO-listed Prague Castle is definitely on top of the list. Located on top of the hill across the Vlatava River, the complex offers the best panoramic views to see the lovely city.DSC01602DSC01604St. Vitus CathedralDSC01633The Rose window of this cathedralDSC01636The two guys below the rose window were the architects of this Palace complexDSC01635Drinking fountains can be found around Prague old district. This on the photo with two holes is an interesting one.DSC01596A commemorative medallion installed outside the house of a victim during Prague’s Nazi regime. This memoir can be found Though out east and central Europe.DSC01577Prague’s Old Town Square. See the impressive St Nicholas Church, Tyn Cathedral and Old Town Hall and pause to admire the world-famous Astronomical Clock, with its mechanical procession of 12 apostle figurines.DSC01564DSC01551Wenceslas Square is one of the business centre of old Prague. DSC01779The Dancing House building by Ar. Frank Gehry has a very non-traditional design, and was controversial at its time because the house stands out among the Gothic and Art Nouveau buildings for which Prague is famous.DSC01817

Street Food and dining around Prague.  The Trdelnik rolled – grilled pastry is a stable. DSC01536DSC01713

Roasted Pork Butt is a famous dish of Prague. (Seriously, it is!)DSC01560


Baguette is also a thing in Prague for its French influence. DSC01786DSC01782

The Prague Crew at dinner time =)DSC01744KOLENO is roast pork knee (or knuckle) in big portion, a dish that’s also common in Czech cuisine. DSC01742VEPŘO-KNEDLO-ZELO – roast pork (vepřová) with bread dumplings (knedlíky) and stewed cabbage, or sauerkraut (zelí), a classic Czech dishDSC01733Fish dish in vegetable-laden gravy, typically made with herbs and root veggies like carrots, celeriac, parsley root.DSC01741Other fun stuff in Prague =)DSC01752

Never miss Prague without having local beers, at least two brands =)DSC01729DSC01006

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