A Lazy Sunday in Milan, Italy

Backpacking Europe 2015 . Destination : Milan, Italy

Arriving at Malpensa-Milan International Airport, buses to the city center conveniently await just outside the arrival area. I took the Terravision Bus for 5 Euro, which shall have its final stop at the Milan Central Train Station. Travel time took around 30 minutes.

I only stayed in Milan for a day; On a Sunday, to be particular. And to my surprise, much of the stores and shops in Milan were closed, it actually felt like the city wasn’t one of Italy’s biggest at all. Anyways, heres a sight of Milan as taken with my Sony Alpha. It was a super sunny day, perfect lang for street photography.


A view of Via Medici (Medici Street) where I stayed. Notice the vandalism on the right building? Sadly, this can be found everywhere in Milan, and all over Italy in fact.


A view of Corso Buenos Aires, which is a major artery road in Milan. See how the city can get really sleepy on a Sunday?


Loving these cute golden doggie details.


Thank god for these drinking fountains all around Italy. Water can be a bit expensive there, as such, refill2x lang tlga ako dun whenever I can. Locals drink from it. Had it for many many days at di naman nasira tiyan ko. Spain, and Czech Republic also has drinking fountains along the street.


This picture of a dad with his kids on training bikes, crossing an empty major road, clearly shows how laid back that Sunday the afternoon was. Just lovely.


Taken near Lima Metro Station. Super laidback ng City i can lie down in the middle actually.


Skater gangs came invading. This was the only time I saw the streets get hyped.


O ayan nasa dispenser lang ang condom. Ganun ka accessible.


Milan subway Feels. A Trip is 2.25 Euro minimum. Took the train from Lima Station to the Duomo/Milan Cathedral.


The Majestic Milan Cathedral. The Gothic cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete. It is the 5th-largest church in the world and the second largest in Italy.


Gets more amazing up close.


Some weird details of frescos and sculptures on the church facade. Milan Cathedral is probably the most ornamented Building exterior I’ve seen among European churches I’ve visited.


I also went inside the Cathedral Museum, for only 2 Euro Entrance fee. Heres a sample of the housed antique sculpture.


A View of the Cathedral and some booties around.


I wanted to ask where he got his plastic top for my halloween costume. hihi


A usual sight in Milan. Model looking people are a basic.

Spending a night in Milan, I stayed at Ostello Bello Hostel, which is located just a block from the Milan Central Train station, connecting tourists to the rest of Italy and nearby countries, such as Switzerland and France.  A bed in Ostello Bello costs around 1,900 pesos per night. Though not the cheapest (the most expensive dorm bed I had in Europe, in fact), I still opt to stay there for the location. Most other dorms offered in Agoda are nowhere near the train station. The price though does include continental breakfast. And luckily, the hostel hosted an evening aperitivo. The aperitivo is an italian tradition that opens a meal, and it is similar to an appetizer. The hostel however also served pasta and unlimited fruits which made the meal real heavy enough to be considered dinner.  Sulit naman ung bayad. Here is how the hostel looked like.


The Hostel Kitchen with unlimited coffee tea, juices cookies, apple and oranges all day long.


Ostello Bello is quite generous for a hostel. Before leaving the hostel for Venice the next day, I even took 3 pcs. apple with me. haha baon lang.


The roof deck.


My bed is at the lower bunk. under my bed are the drawer type, lockable containers for personal things. Every Bed has a light and a power outlet. Very convenient.


Hip dining area of Ostello Bello


Never miss a European country without tasting a local beer. Zzzz

My stay in Milan was quite short, and my only priority actually was to see the Cathedral. Milan has a major international airport, as such, it was cheaper to land here than to get a flight directly to Venice. I spend only 1 night in Milan, and hopped on a train to Venice early the next day. Venice was 2 hours away by train, for 19 Euro (950 pesos). Trips run between these cities all day long. Details of that on my next blog =)


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