Solo Backpacking Essentials

I always had this fondness for solo backpacking, and I am fully aware of the consequences and risks of traveling alone, especially on foreign land where everything is relatively unfamiliar. As such, I always make a point to prepare my thoughts and do a lot of readings and inquiries before I the trip. Here are my basic preparations. Hope this would help.

1. Research .
-Read blogs . I prefer inquiring on blogs and personal accounts of experienced backpackers who already traveled my eyed destination. rather than just reading wikipedia and travel websites.
– Know the route . Steps in Border crossing. Airport to city center transportation . know where the backpackers area is. download google map,, use walking direction tools just to have an idea.
– Research on country specific entry Visa , if applicable.
– know which tourist spots are worthy of a visit, because you don’t really have to see everything. Read a bit of history of the place. You will appreciate your visiting experience more when you know what made it happen.

2. Exchange currency ahead of time. especially when traveling by land, since border crossings and bus transportation require local bills . If u use dollars, you might not get any change.

3. A backpack of basic essentials.
– Pack lite . If you are traveling for a month, pack clothes that is good for 2 weeks. You can just have them washed at the middle of your trip . Some backpackers Ive met only brings very few clothes, and prefer to buy cheap ones at their destination.
– cargo pants and Cargo shorts . preferably dark colors so it wont get dirty easily.
– Bring a small , quick dry towel. Bath Towels are usually available with the hostels . If not, then you just have to make full use of what you have.
– Bring a small pillow ,preferably a neck pillow, which is very helpful especially on bus trips.
– medicine pack. particularly for tummy upset and pain relievers.
– sun block and Anti mosquito lotion – small bottle or sachet (because 100 ml bottles and up , might be confiscated in the airport )

4. Comfortable footwear.
1 pair of rubber shoes , preferably the one you use often. New shoes might give you blisters which can be very hassle.
I don’t bring slippers anymore, I prefer to buy them on markets , if necessary .

5. A wifi enabled – smart phone . not only for communication ,, but more for researches and google mapping by the time you get there. Hotels usually have wifi for guests .

– end of list –

Can anyone make recommendations on how you prepare your trips ?

One thought on “Solo Backpacking Essentials

  1. Very nice travel blog seph…..
    a lesson i learned from somewhere regarding travelling alone…Do not trust anyone….be friendly, polite and kind but reserve trust only to people you know…similarly, if you should ever need to ask someone to take your picture for you with your camera, find someone you can outrun.

    these are harsh truths and bitter pill….but the world is just that…..

    with proper, and just adequate precaution, there is so much fun be had…happy travels se!


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