My Two-days Journey to Jordan

Here are the highlights of my two-days Journey though the Kingdom of Jordan. I joined an all-inclusive, pre-arranged group tour with Online Travel Express Manila, so I did not do further research na and preparations for this travel. Sit back and relax lang like a retired tita.Day 1 – Departure from Manila to Amman, Jordan … Continue reading My Two-days Journey to Jordan

A Journey to the Holyland – July 2022

A dream journey that took almost a year to fulfill. It was October 2021 when I came across an online post promoting an all-inclusive package trip to the Holyland. The tour is set as a non-sectarian pilgrimage; A ten-days excursion curated to follow the Biblical stories that happened in Jordan, Israel and Egypt. I did … Continue reading A Journey to the Holyland – July 2022