Random Shots:Queenstown,New Zealand

Queenstown, the scenic South Island holiday spot, is probably the most popular destination in New Zealand among international visitors. Queenstown was once a gold mining town. But today, the city is a favoured destination for high-octane outdoor activities and mountain climbing. Although the place is hyped by its outdoor-ish image, Queenstown will still be fully … Continue reading Random Shots:Queenstown,New Zealand

Random Shots:Christchurch,New Zealand

We popularly see September, October, November as Fall months, as it happens across Europe, the Orients and the Americas. It is different, however, on the lands down-under, as these months are Springtime. This is the perfect time to visit NZ, as the weather is expectedly favourable and colours are popping everywhere. In addition, you still get to experience snow on the higher grounds, such as in Queenstown during our trip. 

Random Snapshots: Auckland,New Zealand

Dreamy, surreal, unspoilt scenery. After visiting New Zealand, a whole new level of appreciation for a foreign land had been set. Dream-like ocean views, lush green valleys, snow capped surrounding mountains, our short trip to New Zealand offered us a glimpse of good things that the country offers. The country enjoys peace, progress, opportunities and … Continue reading Random Snapshots: Auckland,New Zealand

New Zealand Tourist Visa for Filipinos 2018 – DIY Online Application Guide with Photos

WAIVED NA PO ANG TOURIST VISA FEE FOR NEW ZEALAND! True! Hindi po ito fake news. Before, it was mandatory to pay NZ$ 165. As of June 2017, A resolution has already been approved, stating that the Citizens of the Philippines do not have to pay anymore the fee or immigration levy for TOURIST/VISITOR VISA … Continue reading New Zealand Tourist Visa for Filipinos 2018 – DIY Online Application Guide with Photos