Tokyo Three Days Itinerary For The Weekenders

Mga beshies and readers of mine from VisMin, may good news ko! Cebu Pacific will now be flying DAILY from Cebu to Tokyo-Narita and back starting December 1,2018. Excited much? Yes, we are!I once asked a travel-enthusiast friend why she keeps on coming back to Tokyo. She cheerfully gave me four reasons: the beautiful season-based cityscape,the … Continue reading Tokyo Three Days Itinerary For The Weekenders

Easy Japan Tourist Visa Guide for Filipinos

Hi Guys! I just came back from my Japan trip and I will be posting a series of blogs re the ups and downs of my journey for everyone's future travel reference. So much stories to tell; from all the bento kiosks and good ramen shops that I found, to getting lost on Japan's massively overwhelming … Continue reading Easy Japan Tourist Visa Guide for Filipinos

Random Shots:Queenstown,New Zealand

Queenstown, the scenic South Island holiday spot, is probably the most popular destination in New Zealand among international visitors. Queenstown was once a gold mining town. But today, the city is a favoured destination for high-octane outdoor activities and mountain climbing. Although the place is hyped by its outdoor-ish image, Queenstown will still be fully … Continue reading Random Shots:Queenstown,New Zealand

Random Shots:Christchurch,New Zealand

We popularly see September, October, November as Fall months, as it happens across Europe, the Orients and the Americas. It is different, however, on the lands down-under, as these months are Springtime. This is the perfect time to visit NZ, as the weather is expectedly favourable and colours are popping everywhere. In addition, you still get to experience snow on the higher grounds, such as in Queenstown during our trip.