Jose’s 10 Favourite Cakes Around Davao City

Hi Guys! It’s almost 2 am on a Saturday night, and I am still freaking alive, alert and awake because of that Old Town Hazelnut Coffee I had kaninang 6 pm, which I should have just passed. So since lurat pa mata ko, naisip ko lang to finally return to my long overdue blogs on list of favourite things sa buhay, like anything and everything I enjoy under the sun. And since nagpapa yummy ako ngayon and iwas sweets, let us start this series with my list of 10 personal favourite cakes and pies from different cafes around Davao City. This has no particular order bes ha, kasi the list is composed of variety of flavours and cake compositions. Therefore, I am not ranking one entry to the other. Karamihan nito, naging fave ko na kasi may kwentong unforgettable. Phak! Di, joke lang, gusto ko lang tologoh lumamons. Anyways, here’s the list. Hope you enjoy this.bastis brew bannana mackintosh1. Banana Mckintosh – Basti’s Brew, Victoria Plaza. Yes guys, old school muna keyyy! Tayong mga taga Davao, alam naman nating institution na ang Basti’s brew nun college tayo (Haha, wala pa tayong pera nun mga bes, kaya happy bonus tologoh makapag Basti’s lang). Masaya talaga ako sa B.M. nila. Crumbly crust, caramelized banana filling, cream top, chocolate drizzle. Simple, spot on. Walang kyeme. Yung tipong parang Tita mo lang ang nag prepare? Ganun ka comforting ang Banana Mckintosh for me. Sadly di na to masyado naseserve ng Basti’s nun recent visits ko. Kung kilala nyo ang may ari, paki tanong naman.

bistro-rosario_fotor.jpg2. Mango Charlotte. Bistro Rosario. Torres St. Yes guys, another old school Davao pastry. Sobrang deserving ng slot sa list ko, and  I guess most Davao people naman my age would agree. Madaming childhood memories dala-dala si Mango Charlotte with its spongy chiffon, light cream and bold mango toppings. Saktong tamis lang. Simple. Spot on. Though there are some who say na medyo commercial na daw ang MC ngayon, pero kebs. Natutunan ko na siyang mahalin through the years, tatalikod pa ba ako?

bastis brew carrot cake3. Carrot Cream Cake – Basti’s Brew. Di naman ako masyadong fan ng Old school Davao noh? Chot. But personally, gusto ko talaga ang carrot cake basta freshly baked. Probably because it is not super common, and umay na din palaging mag chocolate.  Basti’s version is slightly moist, which I like. Sakto lang din ang Tamis ng cream.

15055785_10210589236828453_6332851138108974482_n4. Fruity Cheesecake – Cafe de Flore, Torres St.  Pasok na tayo sa mga recently opened cafes. Yes po, this one is from the cafe fronting Angel in Torres =D. Pretty to look at, and quality din. Gusto ko ung honest to goodness cheesecake center nila; non gelatinous, thus medyo brittle sya. Ganito ung nasubukan kong cheesecake sa Brussels. Chot. Pero di nga, try nyo. The Cafe is owned and operated by a French National. Though I only had this cake twice, and wasn’t able to visit na the recent months. I hope they were able to keep up. Di rin kasi mura this. nasa 180 Pesos to per slice.  but it’s a large piece and I liked it.
20150503_142643_Fotor5. Chocopology – Alor’s/Yummy Chicken, Torres Street. By now, you may have noticed, di ako masyadong mahilig sa chocolate cakes. However, This entry is an exemption. Probably kasi mestisa lang sya. lol. Layers of semi moist chocolate chiffon base, light cream, mocha and chocolate mousse. Probably  because malawak yung layer ng cream that is why I didn’t find it too sweet. Sakto lang. Highly recommended this .

19601409_10212864879638101_976324595108154709_n6. Matcha Cheesecake – Katsu Country, Jacinto Extension. Mahilig ako sa Matcha. Probably because mahilig sa matcha si crush so I have to cope. Chot! But seriously, Matcha flavour is exotic. Acquired taste bale, it’s not for  everyone. Katsu Country is only months old, pero I must commend the quality of this featured cheesecake. Texture. consistency. Good! Again, non gelatinous. honest to goodness cheesecake lang on a plate. Super turned off ako sa cheesecake na parang jelly.

14045787_10209773995327925_9037991388810884361_n7. Nutty Matcha Cheesecake-Cuppycakes Boulangerie,Marfori Subd. A proof na mahilig ako sa Matcha. I can’t choose between this and the previous so I’m including both. But unlike the honest, unembellished composition of item 6, this matcha cheesecake is a bit fancy, with walnuts and caramel drizzle . And if I am not mistaken, the crust is semi carrot-ish.

20150502_212840_Fotor8. Durian Cheesecake Mini – Lachi’s Marfori. No need to argue guys, Lachi’s is a  dessert institution. Everything there is good. Sansrival, pecan pie, french cake. Lahat. But for this list, I am including the Durian Mini since ito naman madalas kong ma order.

13439155_10209310191013107_3915574275465327239_n9. Cheesecake Roulette – Park Inn Hotel, Lanang. All 6 varieties of good cheesecake on a platter. Perfect for presents on Christmas, kaya I included this para mag bigay ng gift idea. On this set, pinaka gusto ko yung cheesecake with caramel candy topping.


10. Banana Walnut Torte, Saging Repablik, Tiongko Street.  This may come as a surprise to some, pero swear, on my list, this is on top! Saktong layers of sansrival-like crust, caramelized banana, dark chocolate layer and loads of crushed walnut. Pile up two sets of that goodness and cover with chilled cream. Comfort entry ko to. Simple, honest ingredients. may play of texture and flavours which I find exciting.
Ilang dates na ba naisama ko sa Saging repablik for this? Raise your hands. lol. Also factor din na malapit lang to sa bahay.

When I have visitors asking for dessert recommendations, I usually mention this Banana Walnut Torte. It’s a local recipe using local resources; the Davao banana to be specific. Local flair is key! But for those who love durian flavour, definitely there’s Lachi’s cheesecake.

So there goes my list. And let me just note that this is not a paid post or whatever. FYI. Consider me as a satisfied – Paying Customer that enjoyed eating his cake in peace and without counting the calories habang stable the blood sugar count.

As a good friend quoteed: ” Bahalag Tambok, basta lipay”!  ’til the next blog.

Eat responsibly.=)



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